Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things I have learned in the past of week...

- Jonathan is uber-athletic. Or maybe just uber-Wii-athletic. He can birdie the third hole in golf. Beat me at tennis. And take us all down on bowling. It's scary. The flip-side: he's the biggest sore loser you'll ever meet. We're working really hard on that one.

- Benjamin cannot scarf down pizza, chug a capri-sun and immediately bounce in a bounce house. He will throw up. Six inches from the garbage can. In front of an entire birthday party. And he will do it at the exact moment his brother is being hauled out of the bounce house screaming by daddy. Leaving mom to clean up the puke. So sorry we ralphed at your sweet party, McKenzie. Please invite us back next year.

- David finally realized he is overly-addicted to his smartphone after watching a documentary called "Crackberry'd". Thank you, CNBC. Thank you.

- My youngest is almost Where did the time go? We're pretty much 99% sure we're done and we're good with our family of four. But, sometimes, you just miss those baby times. So much so that you try to rock a 40-lb. almost-four-year old to sleep, only to have to wake him up when you're done since he's so heavy you can't get up out of his rocker to carry him to his bed.

- Benjamin is one good kid. We've been bringing a friend of his home after school every day while her mom finishes up a class. Yesterday, I watched her try to get Benjamin to break a rule I had just stated. She whispered to him to do this thing anyway. He turned right around and told me. While I'm not a fan of tattle tales, I am a fan of a kid not bending to peer pressure.

- I can't make a Wii Mii that resembles me at all. It just can't be done. I hate the Mii channel. It just frustrates me.

- I really, really miss my camera. It is in the shop for the second time in the last six months. But, I am still keeping up with the 365. Keeping my word to my husband to make it happen. Blurry, out-of-focus photos and all.

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