Saturday, May 28, 2011

ALMOST Summertime....Almost

I will be posting about Benjamin's big kindergarten graduation soon...but the fact that he still has three more days of school left next week makes me want to wait until the "for real" end. I'm pretty sure we're the only district in the country that has school three more days after the Memorial Day weekend. I'm just very ready to be in all-out summer mode. We've got trips planned, play dates booked, now if we could just get past this minor detail of you know, school getting out, we could actually start enjoying those lazy, hazy crazy days! ; )

But this past Thursday was the official last day of preschool for Jonathan. It doesn't quite seem over since we're so in love with our St. Chris peeps that we've booked time with them three days this next week. And four days the week after that. Yeah. We're all in complete denial about going our separate ways for three months. It's kind of sappy, really.


Do you remember where this journey began? I was really apprehensive about moving Jonathan from our church's preschool (where he'd already been for two years) over to one here in Killeen where we literally didn't know a soul. Since Benjamin was starting school over here, we wanted all of us to be in the same city and St. Christopher's was highly recommended.

And let me say for the record...IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!
This year has been amazing in so many ways and St. Chris has been a HUGE part of it. I've made three very close friends myself through our new school. Ladies who live within a mile from me who love my kiddos like their own. It's just wonderful the doors this has opened up in our life! of these gals is a lifer (in Killeen speak...her husband is out of the army and they are planning to stay here for good! Whoop!)

We are very sad to say goodbye to one of our teachers this year. Although, Mrs. Susan will be teaching at preschool again next year, Mrs. Mary's family received orders to move to England in July. She will be missed so very much. Tea, crumpets & pinky fingers up, Mrs. Mary. We adore you!

Mrs. Susan & Jonathan showing his "All about Me" collage back in September.

The kids got to explore a fire truck early in the year. I'm amazed at what a baby face he has in this pic. He has certainly grown up a bunch this year.

Getting ready to trick-or-treat in the preschool halls.

Trike-a-thon day

Jonathan & his sweet friend, Brighid at the Thanksgiving feast.
With the traditional Capri Suns. Just like the pilgrims.

Christmas Play

Valentine's with the BFF Artem (we miss you, buddy!)

Easter Egg hunting.
And hand-holding.
Funny, nobody else is holding hands.

Family picnic day at preschool

Splash day!

Oh, St. Chris....thank you for a WONDERFUL year full of precious memories and amazing friendships. Can't wait to return in August. For just one. More. Year. Gulp. 


Grandma Pawlik said...

Looks like Jonathan had a fun year at St. Christopher's. Enjoy your summer.
Love ya.

Nyla said...

Sweet pictures, so glad he had a great year! Happy summer! Hugs to all!