Friday, October 07, 2011

See ya in November {I Hope!}

Don't you hate when people constantly tell you how busy they are? You think..."well, you did this to yourself, friend. Don't come complaining to me...." (on a side note, I really need to work on compassion)

Yes, I'm about to be one of those people that is super annoying. And I take full credit (or half's a family affair around here) for doing this. Avert your eyes if you don't want to hear my poor, poor pitiful me, boo-hoo, how did this happen- rant.

I probably won't be blogging much, so I thought I'd bid my two readers adieu for a few weeks. October is filled with our first cub scout campout (we're so new to this...we literally have to purchase camping in a tent, sleeping bags, lanterns....clueless scout parents are we!), bajillions of cub scout commitments (ummmm...had no clue cub scouts required quite this much time), Jonathan's trike-a-thon, Ellison's homecoming and hosting our Life Group once a week (I don't know why hosting LG is somewhat of a stresser...but trying to keep my house spotless all week is rough when we're so crazy...but I do enjoy it and we feel very called to do this).

I am also frantically trying to get ready for my first bazaar ever. I just invested in all of the printing I had to have done for it....and now I am terrified after that spending spree. I'm a digital shop, so this is all new to me. I have to cut, package, beautify and hopefully make some sort of profit. David has reassured me it's okay if I don't....we'll just have 3,750 lunch notes for our kids; 2,000 fill-in-the-blank thank you notes for our boys to use (princess ones included...nice), countless sheets of Paper Pals, celebration enclosures and a big fat headache. But, honestly, the ExCiTeMeNt of this event is over-the-top! I just want to be *somewhat* successful.

And the last and probably most significant item on the agenda, we *might* be looking at a possible surgery this month or next. And believe it or not, it's not me this time. If you recall, we like to have surgeries: my gall bladderhis gall bladdermy thyroid, and now a possible hernia surgery. We're not sure how or why, but David has a very visible hernia that doesn't hurt one bit. In fact, I was the one that spotted it...David hadn't even realized it was there. Our family doctor is sending us to see a surgeon on Wednesday. David's hoping this can be scheduled around school breaks...we'll just wait and see what they say. Our doctor wasn't 100% sure that it absolutely has to be fixed. But, David's not sure he wants to walk around with a hernia from here on out. Doesn't that sound fun?

So, friends...hugs, kisses and good wishes for the next few weeks. Hope we are still smiling at the end!


Nyla said...

I feel your pain! Somehow life gets so much "busier" than it should be and it's so hard to figure out how to have some nice quiet time at home. Or even time to clean the house and do the laundry! Hope all goes well and you are able to keep smiling, especially within. Love and hugs, Grandma Pecos

Jennifer said...

I understand! Life can get soooo busy. Good luck on your first Bazaar...wishing you much success! And we'll be praying for David...surgeries are never fun!

Jami said...

I love, love, love what you did for Keaton's 1st birthday (even though we didn't get to go). It all made for some cute pictures!

And, I'm excited to see that you have fill-in-the-blank thank you notes. I am always looking for those and are amazingly hard to find! They're perfect for kids and mommas who "make" their kids write thank you notes!

I have no idea what a bazaar is but I hope it goes well for you! And I wish I lived closer so I could go! Love ya, girl!

Arly said...

You have fill in the blank thank you cards? Why haven't I seen those?!