Friday, July 20, 2007

Surgery with a silver-lining!

Amidst trying to move, David ended up in the ER needing emergency gall bladder removal! What an ordeal this ended up being, but we made it and still moved just fine.
The silver lining from all of this was a vacation for mommy and Benjamin. A couple of days after his surgery, Killeen ISD was sending David to Houston for a convention. Since he couldn't drive, we accompanied him on the trip! Jonathan stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Pawlik for a week, letting Benjamin have a little time with us by himself amidst the whirl wind of moving and everything else that was rocking his little world.
We ended up having a blast! Killeen ISD had put us up in the Omni in the heart of Houston, so we were close to all of the fun stuff! Benjamin spent a whole day at the beach, another at the zoo and he even made time for a trip to IKEA for mommy! He loved swimming in the hotel pool and loved the fact that our room over looked it.

And David ended up doing just fine, too. He recovered in no time and was able to make all of the convention and even lift a few (LOTS) of boxes during the move!


Arly Dominguez said...

Well it's about time! :)
I hope Killeen is treating you well. We'll come visit sometime. Maybe it won't take us a year to see this house. :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the beach pics and the updated blog. It's been a while.
Love, Mom