Friday, July 20, 2007

The Big Move

Our lives have also been a little hectic lately with our big move that we just made. We recently spent a lot of time in prayer trying to figure out exactly where we needed to be. This has been a very bitter-sweet time for us. Muleshoe was home for four years and it is such an incredibly special place to us. It was the place where we started our marriage (we had only been married seven months when we moved there). It was also the first home to both of our boys. We had such an amazing group of friends and a church family that we loved so much.
We made the decision to move shortly after Jonathan was born. After a couple of stressful months of resumes, interviewing, travelling (A LOT!), selling a house, buying a house, packing, moving eight hours down the road and well--getting unpacked (what a process), we have now landed in Killeen, TX.
Many of you have asked us where in the world Killeen is. It is a little less than an hour north of Austin and two hours south of Dallas in the heart of Central Texas. It is about the size of Abilene and has all of the conveniences of a larger city, without being too big. It is best known for Fort Hood, a HUGE army post set in and around the city. Everyone here is military, or so it seems. We have met four of the neighbors on our street, all of which their spouses are currently deployed. It is very different than any place either of us have lived.
We are still fervently trying to find a church home and have visited several places so far, one of which may be the one.
Please be in prayer that we are able to adjust to our new area, find a good church and make good friends. It's a little hard not knowing anyone, yet. I seem to be burning up a lot of cell phone minutes to Muleshoe!!

The attached photo is of our little family on moving day, leaving our sweet home in Muleshoe. We had just shut the door the final time and realized it wasn't our home anymore.

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