Monday, July 30, 2007

Temptation Lurking

It's funny how things sort of just happen, you know? When we lived in Abilene the first few months of our marriage, we felt as though we single-handedly (I guess that would be double-handedly) kept Taco Bueno on Judge Ely in business. We were DINKS (Double-Income, No Kids) and eating out was just a way of life since we seemed so busy. David's weakness was Bueno, mine Starbucks. They put in that Starbucks in Abilene a little farther from our side of town than I cared for!

Muleshoe did not have a Taco Bueno or Starbucks and we made do just fine. Until one day, I was about seven months pregnant with Benjamin and driving around Lubbock after a doctor's appointment. I was on the phone with David when I paused mid-sentence.

"What is it?" He asked.
"They are putting in a Taco Bueno. Here. In Lubbock. Only an hour from our house."
Complete silence. I think he had dropped his phone.

Funny how he started accompanying me to all of my appointments and Lamaze classes after that Bueno opened. I am ashamed to admit that we made the grand opening. I mean, come on, it's Taco Bueno. Target or Harold's would seem a lot more appropriate for a grand opening, but seriously-- Bueno? It wasn't until I discovered the Starbucks around the corner from Bueno that things were all falling back into place.

When we moved to Killeen, we realized there was no Taco Bueno. Thank goodness. I could really concentrate now on losing that stinkin' baby weight (and then some). And fortunately for my waistline, and budget, the Starbucks is way on the other side of town-- although I have managed to darken their drive-thru a few times now.

But yesterday as I was flipping through the Sunday paper-- I don't read it or anything, it's purely for the Target ad that we now take it. Oh, and David does the cross word. He's the smartie. Anyway. I came across an article about a Starbucks being built in Harker Heights, literally less than a mile from our house. Yikes. This could be trouble.

I started reading the article aloud to David when I got to the part where it read..."ground will be broken next to the building under construction which is going to be a fast-food Mexican establishment called Taco Bueno." Hmmm.

I could see the excitement in his eyes. This from the man who had to have gall bladder removal due to 10-15 years of Mexican food and hard water. We both calculated that was about the time David was introduced to Taco Bueno.

Are you kidding me? What are we going to do? Excercise common sense and self restraint? This was not what I was expecting.

Pray for us.


Arly Dominguez said...

Oh Taco Bueno. It is our downfall too. I never thought I'd eat THIS MUCH mexican food. I may need the gall bladder surgery soon! :)

Jami West said...

Kristi...see I told you that y'all should move to Snyder. We don't have either here and probably no chance we'll ever get a Bueno or a Starbucks!

Hope y'all are doing well and getting settled in!