Friday, July 20, 2007

Eating....what work!

Jonathan is now learning to eat his first big boy food-- oatmeal cereal to be exact. He seems to get more on himself than in his tummy. The rice cereal turned out to be a big disappointment, with a little more spitting up than we cared for. But, he seems content to plow through with oatmeal, although, I am almost positive that if I set a hamburger in front of him, he would gobble it right up. He seems more delighted with what we have on our plates than the bowl of mush that is his alternative. He is such a big guy, he weighs the same as my great nephew who is one! So, food seems to come pretty naturally to this chunky monkey. I told a friend of mine how he cries when the bowl is empty. She laughed and said she felt like doing the exact same thing sometimes! ; )
While Jonathan is learning to eat food, Benjamin is becoming our little chef! One of the photos is him "helping" his cousin Kayla make fruit pizza while she stayed with us this week. I think he ate more than he served!

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