Monday, July 23, 2007


I feel a little guilty because I was so looking forward to unpacking at this new house. The stress of job hunting, house hunting, house selling/buying, packing, packing, packing and gall bladder surgery made me so excited to get here and unpack and have all of that stressful stuff behind us. However, I think we just got here and were so exhausted that it just hasn't been that thrill that I envisioned. I set up the kitchen first and it is done, which is a neccesity since we use it constantly. My sweet friend Koti came from Muleshoe and helped me decorate and set up the living room. Other than that, I have completely hit a brick wall. I am starting to wonder if Benjamin thinks all of the boxes are his new toys-- permanently! He has even named a few-- we have the Radiator Springs Courthouse, Flo's Cafe and even the Cozy Cone (if you have seen the movie Cars, you know what I am living amongst right now). My goal, and I would like all of you to hold me to it, is to have this house complete (and I mean complete-complete) by Benjamin's birthday in September. Ah, the joys of moving. With kiddos.

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Suzanne Dennis said...

So good to see new things on this space. Hope you're doing well and settling in. My sister lives in Temple so I'll give y'all a call when I ever go down there (we tend to meet at our parents' home in Leander most of the time though). I enjoyed seeing you all at the Miller wedding last month. Keep in touch and keep posting! I really love seeing the pictures of the boys!