Friday, March 23, 2012

California Trip: Day Four

On our fourth day, we headed over to Disney's California Adventure. California Adventure didn't open until 10, so we could sleep in a bit (although we still had to be there earlier than 10 to get our fast passes for the World of Color show that night)! We were excited to have Aunt Anna & Cousin Alex join us there during the afternoon.

The only bummer is that we missed the opening of the new Cars Land by a month or so. What a bummer for Benjamin...he's still a big Cars fan! We could see some of the cool Radiator Springs landscape from over the wall they have looks like it will be ahhhh-mazing!

When we arrived that morning (after getting those fast passes for World of Color), we made a charge for Toy Story Mania (along with everyone else in the park). The park hadn't even opened yet, and there was already a very wind-y line for it. But, it wasn't too bad...only a twenty minute wait.

It's a 3D ride...and it's so similar to our Toy Story Mania Wii we were excited to play the "live version".

Benjamin & Daddy teamed up against Jonathan & I. They may have won the highest score, but Jonathan & I won for accuracy (and Jonathan technically outscored all of us in that area!).

After we rode Toy Story Mania, we hopped on the carousel that was next door (and had no line).

Doesn't Jonathan look thrilled?

After that, we headed down to the Hollywood backlot area. We first watched the Pixar Pals from Monsters Inc. that were doing a fun street show. Then we headed to the Disney Junior Show (Jonathan loved all the characters...especially Jake & the Neverland Pirates).

When we walked out of the theatre for the show, Aunt Anna was waiting for us!

She took us over to ride the Monsters, Inc. ride which was super fun!

After that ride, we saw the Muppet 3D Movie...super cute and funny. 
And the theatre blows up. And you get wet. Good times. 

From there, we had met up with cousin Alex for lunch over at the Taste Pilots' Grill. We all had Bleu Cheese Burgers that were amazing! 

After lunch, we stopped and said hello to our favorite friends, Mater & Lightening.

Then we headed over to wait in line for the caterpillar ride in A Bug's Life land. It was such a cute ride! And smelled great, too. The caterpillar takes you on a tour (from his point of view) of all the foods he loves. At one point, the train rides through a giant watermelon that smelled like...watermelon! And then through a giant box of cookies that smelled like fresh baked fun!

Benjamin & Alex

Aunt Anna and Jonathan
Kind of crazy....David & I got to ride together on this one!

After that, the boys rode the spinning food box ride was a little too spinny for the girls! 

Then B&J were just soooo ready to get wet in the splash pad area of A Bug's Life.

These are the measures we had to take to get them out of the splash pad area.


After this, we went and rode one of our favorites...California Soarin'. It was AWESOME (even with the 45 minute line). It's a simulated ride that takes you all over California as if you were sky-gliding. The orange groves you fly over smell like....oranges!! It was super fun.

After that, we were all getting tired and it was pretty late in the day. We said goodbye to Anna & Alex and headed back to the hotel for a rest. We were able to walk past California Pizza Kitchen and grab some supper to take back to the hotel and have a super lazy time. Our room was a suite which we hadn't expected at made it nice to sit around a table and eat together when we were so tired and didn't feel like going to another restaurant. Plus the boys had one whole room all to themselves the rest of the time. 

After getting totally recharged, we headed back to California Adventure for the World of Color Show. Our fast passes landed us in a great area in the blue zone...right in front of the water! Here's Benjamin waiting on the show to start.

As recommended by a friend, we picked up churros and hot chocolate while we waited.

Everyone loved the churros!

And the show was absolutely amazing...can't even put into words how beautiful it was! And this photo doesn't even begin to do it justice. 

After the World of Color show, were were able to catch the Disneyland fireworks show as we were walking to catch our shuttle to the hotel. The fireworks made me want to just stroll all the way to the hotel (which a lot of others did since it wasn't too far). But, our legs told us to take the shuttle.

Another wonderful day that wore us out and made us sleep like babies!


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Nyla said...

Just looks so wonderful, makes me want to go too! I know it made for great memories!
Love, Grandma Pecos