Friday, March 02, 2012

Mickey, Lightening, Great we come!

Can hardly believe it...we are leaving for California in ONE week!! Technically, one week and a day...but who's counting? I guess if we really want to break it down, we head to Dallas Saturday (we just decided to add this in...David's concerned something could go wrong trying to drive to Dallas and fly out the same day). Then we fly out on Sunday! And stay until late Friday night (we're red-eyeing it back to Texas to make the most of every minute).

Just had to post how hilarious it's been around here with the countdown that seems to take forever to a five year old! When I picked Jonathan up from preschool on Tuesday, his teacher asked if Jonathan would be gone for the rest of the week.

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, he's told just about the whole school that he's going to Disneyland tomorrow." Head to hand and laughing out loud...that poor kid gets weeks and days confused. It was two weeks...not days. I'm *slightly* regretting telling them so early.

But, we couldn't be more thrilled to get back out to California. Our first priority is to spend lots of time with David's grandma and his family that lives out there. David also wants to meet up with a couple of high school friends and visit Dodger stadium. I just want to reserve some time to stake out some actual bento stores.

And of course, the thing that's keeping the boys awake at night...two days of Disney! We're actually stretching it to 2 1/4 days. With a friend's awesome suggestion, we booked a character breakfast for a day we won't be in the park. It worked out's at Goofy's Kitchen in one of the Disney hotels. We've had lots of great friends help with some wonderful Disney tips. It's been almost TEN years since I've done Disney...and a lot has changed. It will be awesome to see it through my boys' eyes. My family went out there when I was six and I can still remember how awesome it was! (I've been a few times since then, so I may be "blending" some trips together in my mind...but I like to think that the early childhood trip was my favorite!)

So, let's all say a collective prayer that Jonathan lasts through the next week. And that the rest of us survive Jonathan's excitement.

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Nyla said...

I know you'll all have a wonderful time, so glad you're getting to go. Give great- grandma a hug for us! Love, Grandma Pecos