Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's Over!

Well, VBS is over. It was a lot of fun (a whole lot of work) and just an over all good week. Benjamin was one busy boy the last two weeks, helping mommy in any and every way with VBS. He even had his own class, where he played with play dough, went "fishing" and learned his own memory verses (or words!). He even learned to "tweak his beak," as in...when you're happy and you know it tweak your beak! He sometimes gets started tweaking and it's hard to stop him. He also fell in love with octopuses. (We had an island theme and decorated with fish), he wanted to take one home with him when we cleaned up, but it just didn't work out!
Overall, I am relieved that it all went well and I hope that we have in some way reached out to the community. Although, I am not certain I will be in charge next year! It was just fun seeing the kids learn, watching Benjamin in his own little class and getting to see my friend Koti everyday when she came to help me out! What a great friend!
Only 360 days until the next year's VBS...

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