Saturday, June 03, 2006

Weekly Update...a little late!

I originally posted this on Wednesday, but because of technical difficulties, it never showed up!

Wow, here it is Wednesday and I am just now sitting down to update the blog! Those holiday weeks really throw ya off!
We had a great weekend with David's brother and his wife. Benjamin has still been walking aroung saying "Arweee, Saaaam, Arweee, Saaaam," as he affectionately named Aunt Arly and Uncle Sam. They were so sweet to bring him up a brand new football which he just can't get enough of. They were also able to tour the big town of Muleshoe and experience one of our crazy wind storms first hand.
We had a good Memorial Day, too-- relaxing. After relizing the local Alco had sold out of kiddie-pools, Benjamin made peace with living it up in the sprinkler with Midnight. Brandi, of course, wanted no part of this silliness. He also decided to scope out the dog bowls, I was a little concerned that he was maybe too interested in this. This morning, he watched Midnight eating, and it just looked like he may have wanted his own little bowl of kibbles!
Our weekend did have a cloud hanging over-- we had some very sad news Saturday morning about a girl at David's school who lost her little brother. This little boy's name was Matthew and he was just about Benjamin's age. Benjamin had even "chatted" with him at a recent basketball tournament. Little Matthew was run over by his next door neighbor's car Friday night after our high school graduation. This tragedy has just rocked our little town. As a mother of a toddler, I have just squeezed Benjamin a little more the last few days. David went and visited the family and said that they are just trying to cope as best they can. Please keep the Cisneros family in your prayers. Please also pray for their next door neighbor, Tommy, as he is overwhelmed with guilt and struggling as well. I couldn't imagine being in either of their positions.
Please also keep David in your prayers as he closes out this school year and prepares for the next.
Thank you all.

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Anonymous said...

I just finished the update and sorry Benjamin didn't get the pool. The sprinkler was our pool in the backyard many, many years ago.

Looking forward to your trip to Austin for David's conference.
Take care and love you all, Mom