Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get ready for a shameless amount of photos. As I have mentioned before, this is my online version of a scrapbook. We have been Easter-ing it up for a couple of weeks now. Here's a few of our fun memories...

Last weekend was a very chilly Easter Egg hunt (and yummy potluck) for our Homebuilders class at church. The boys had a great time. Love our class and have missed everyone so much since we have been teaching the last two quarters! We'll see a lot more of you guys in the summer...can't wait!

Funny how rare family photos seem to be these days. Can you tell we were facing the sun?

I just love this sweet photo of our friend little Landry with Benjamin.

This was Benjamin's class gearing up to hunt eggs in the auditorium at his preschool egg hunt. Again, another chilly day. But finding eggs in every pew seemed pretty fun to these kiddos!

Dying eggs with Daddy. B is getting to be a pro!

Little Man loved this.

The Easter Bunny didn't pass our house by!

Ready for Easter Sunday Church.

Later that day in Marble Falls at my parents' house. "Traditional" rib dinner, egg hunt and playing at the lake.

Jonathan found every egg he could. Even one in the neighbor's yard awaiting their hunt. He was determined to get it out from behind the fence. But didn't.

Benjamin diving into the candy with Grandma.

Cousins Kayla & Keaton

Kayla with our boys at the lake.

Mike & Keaton trying to convince us to ride a wave-runner. We're just landlubbers.

And I heard them exclaim as they spashed out of sight....
Happy Easter to all and to all a good....um, afternoon.


Anonymous said...

That was a fun Easter. Enjoyed everyone coming. Good pics.
Love, Mom

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun Easter! There's absolutely no way I would have gotten in a lake in Dallas where we celebrated. It must have been much warmer in Marble Falls!

p.s. Love the boys' Easter clothes :-)

Amanda said...

Oh, I love that pic of Benjamin and Landry! I hate that I missed seeing my girls and their friends. :( Cute pics of your adorable boys. Looks like you guys had a great time!

Becky said...

What a fun Easter for our friends at Rancho Dominguez :)

Love the boys matching Easter outfits with newsboy hats!

Looks like Jonathan has an eagle eye for egg hunting like Cade...the grass is always greener, right?!