Friday, April 03, 2009

A Texas Tradition

"Like a blanket spreading out as far as I can see,
When those flowers line the road, you can look for me.
I'll be hanging 'round your back door like an old familiar tune,
I'll be there when the bluebonnets bloom..."
Robert Earl Keen, When the Bluebonnets Bloom

When I was a tot, my parents would dress me up and take me out to a field of bluebonnets to take photos. If you're from this area, chances are your family has a similar tradition. Something about our state flower that always makes me smile. Their light smell just gets me when I am standing in a big spread of them. They are a part of this state and in a way, a little part of me.
Every year in school, I remember countless teachers reciting the familiar words to The Legend of the Blue Bonnet. I can also remember my mom trying every year to turn part of our front yard into her own little Blue Bonnet heaven...with only a few measly buds sprouting up here and there. I also remember missing these beauties the 11 years I was in west Texas...they just aren't quite as plentiful as in central Texas.
It makes me so happy to be able to share this little tradition that my parents instilled in me with my own boys now. Although the lack of rain made for a slim crop this year, we still found a great patch in Belton (thanks, Melissa) that was perfect for the obligatory photos.
Happy Bluebonnet Season!


Anonymous said...

Kristi,where did you find that many bluebonnets? Yes,I remember dressing you in blue and searching for bluebonnets even stopping on the side of Mopac in Austin for the traditional bluebonnet pictures. Thanks for the memories.
Love ya all, Mom

David Dominguez said...

The Next Morning:

Me: "Benjamin, did you get a good night's sleep?"

Benjamin: "Yeah, I dreamed all about bluebonnets."

Later That Morning:

Benjamin: "You know what else I'm thankful for? Bluebonnets!"

Connor, Kaylee, Tripp, and Thatcher said...

Great photos! It makes me a little homesick seeing all the Texas wildflowers. One of my favorite times of the year growing up in east Texas.

Rebecca said...

I was just thinking the other day that I needed to start that tradition with Kylee. You'll have to let me know where you found them. Cute pics.

Melissa said...

LOLing about Benjamin's bluebonnet dream! Cute! The boys look like they are having a fun time, more fun than Ty had. We could only keep him happy by giving him an orange ball to play with.

Amy said...

The pictures are so good. The boys look great.

The Wilders said...

Your pictures are so cute - yet one more thing I miss about TX!!! It makes me a little sad that my kids will grow up knowing about the annual cherry blossom bloom rather than the bluebonnets.