Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pumpkin Palooza

David was invited awhile back to a speaking engagement this morning. He cooked up a plan (in conjunction with my mom) to have the boys spend the night at my parents' house so I could have a little time to catch up on "work" (it's too fun to not be in quotations) as well as, well....sleep (been lacking on that end lately with the wonderful abundance of "work"). At the last minute, the dates for the engagement were changed, but the boys still had their hearts set on a night at the grandparents'. So, we had some time to ourselves-- YAY!
This morning we drove to Marble Falls to pick them up and decided to spend the afternoon at one AmAzInG pumpkin patch (more like a pumpkin world).....Sweetberry Farms, right there in Marble Falls.
I think most of central Texas had the same idea as we was packed! But, still so FUN! Literally hundreds of pumpkin lovers joined us today. The weather was great-- a perfectly fallish 60 degrees and the rain from yesterday was long gone (although it left it too muddy for the corn mazes, boo). I just feel foolish for never having enjoyed this place before. It is the epitome of autumn. (Aunt Arly, this place had your name written all over it, Miss Pumpkin Pie).
I went a bit camera crazy....but didn't even get to all of the cool photo-ops that were set up around the farm. We'll be back next year for sure.

I basically made them take this photo so I could eventually duplicate, copy and paint cute pumpkin cutouts like these for my yard (on a smaller scale). We'll see if I ever actually get around to that one. But, seriously, aren't these adorable?

I just took this one to get a (small) overview of the scene...pumpkin painting, face painting, hayrides, flower picking (gorgeous flower picking for $1 per cup full), scarecrow stuffing and more! They even had the Pumpkin Grill with homemade pumpkin ice cream and grilled corn. It smelled great, but we went to Subway since we are I am trying to stick sticking to my points.

Loved this old truck...running on pumpkins.

Why, oh why won't they look at the camera at the same time?

Looking for the perfect pumpkin.

Miles and miles of orange.

Jonathan the scarecrow

Playing in a horse trailer full of pumpkins

This was their favorite thing...the random horse trailer.

Working on their masterpieces.

Benjamin the scarecrow-- he was so proud that his hands could reach the holes!

Benjamin's perfect pumpkin face.

Lots of paint! It still isn't dry.

Can't wait to return to the farms in the summer for their strawberry-picking season!


Shannon said...

Yeah, that puts our local patches (if you can even call them that!) to shame!! What a fun place!! That first picture of Benjamin on the pumpkins is a framer!!

Beth said...

It looks like you guys had a blast!! Next year, can Brian, Max and I go with you?? Your pictures are so good! Love you guys!

Melissa said...

Fun, fun, fun! Now I want to take my kids there! I like your new blog decor, btw. I don't know how long it's been changed since I usually read through google reader, but it's very cute :-)

Amanda said...

What an awesome pumpkin "patch"!!! Love the pics - the boys are adorable.

Arly said...

I WANT TO GO!!! Oh i'm so jealous. Our patch here is run by Disability Resources. It's cute, but NOTHING like that! Wowzer.

Becky said...

Looks like LOADS of fun! We went with Cade's preschool this morning, to the small one at Oak Park Methodist Church and had a fun time, but this place looks like an EXPERIENCE :) We'll have to visit there soon! Good times

Lei said...

Cool! We are planning a trip this week, I hope. Had no idea you were in A-town like me... you posted on my blog about a month ago about my birthday arty and I never got the chance to say THANK YOU for stopping by and saying those sweet things. :)

Lei said...

Oops, I wasn't signed in before when I left my comment!

Anonymous said...

Guess grandma and grandpa should have tagged along with you guys.
Love ya all.