Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Top Three Things I Heard Out of Benjamin....

....after we were told our pediatrician ran out of H1N1 vaccine. (Apparently making an appointment for a vaccine in advance guarantees, um, nothing.)

1. B: Are you kidding me? Is the doctor kidding? Don't they know I need that?

2. B: I really, really wanted that shot. 
    Mom: Remember it wasn't a shot, it was the nose mist. 
    B: So the nose mist is all gone? Does this mean I get to have a shot instead? 

3. Now I am going to get sick and have to stay home every day.....wait, does this mean I get to stay home from preschool?

No matter how you feel about the H1N1 vaccine (I know many of my friends are opposed to it), I actually was going to get the mist for the boys. In fact, our doctor said she was having all three of her girls vaccinated with it. After talking to her about it and what the buzz was all about with it being "scary" and such, she convinced me it was a good thing. 

After the vaccine finally arrived at our clinic last week, I called right away to get on the list. The gal put me on hold to do her "count" and there was "plenty of vaccines for us to get on the list". This morning they called to say they ran out since a lot of kids in for check-ups got most of the mists. This *slightly* frustrated me that they didn't take those kids into the count last week when I called. Really, what's the point of having a list if you're only putting a fraction of the receivers on it?

What is more frustrating is the prep I go through with Benjamin to make sure he doesn't have any major anxiety issues with a new thing. So, we went round and round about what a vaccine is, how it protects you, etc.. He was finally excited about it and ready to get it. Poor kid was more disappointed than I was.

Guess we'll be riding it out. Lots of hand washing and "coughing into our elbows" around here.


Beth said...

I think that is TOTALLY lame that you were on the list and still didn't get a shot. I mean, TOTALLY lame. Definitely even more lame than the fact that I couldn't get Max's second flu shot dosage here in town because I'm a responsibly Mommy who has insurance. You definitely win.

On the other hand, I'm happy for Benjamin looking for the bright side, even if it means missing preschool. :) I love that little man so much!! Hoping you all stay flu free!

Rebecca said...

That is dumb, why have a list? I don't know how I feel about the shot either, but I did ask about it for me this morning and the doc said they didn't have any yet. I heard on the announcements while I was there that they had it for the employees. I guess I am not as special as an employee. Hopefully we can all stay swine flu free.

Anonymous said...

We're riding it out too.
It was great to see you tonight at the festival in the "real world"! :)