Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ambidextrous and Cast Free

After six weeks in a cast, we now have an ambidextrous kiddo. Benjamin's Occupational Therapist confirmed this for us last week as he can write with both hands and now prefers his left (although he actually is a tiny bit more legible with his right). He has told us he just wants to be like Grandpa Pecos, who happens to be a southpaw as well. We are still trying to make the decision as to whether to really work hard at making him switch back to the right hand, or just let him improve with the left and go that route. But for now...the cast is off and the arm is clean! (I think I am the only one who actually cares about the latter part of that statement, seeing as how I am outnumbered by boys in this house).

We kind of broke the rules a bit and pulled down the bandaged-part a few inches the last two days the cast was on. He was able to let all of his classmates, teachers and therapists sign a spot. 

When Dr. Beal pulled off the still bandaged part, you can see how dirty the exposed part really got-- ack! You can also see in the photo why the bandage was in place...the long cut in the top of the cast was added to relieve the extra swelling he had in the beginning.

Dr. Beal, sawing away...this was a bit more scary than I realized it would be. They even had Benjamin wear the big headset since the saw was so loud!

And it's off!!

It actually wasn't as skinny and shriveled  as I expected it to be. It must be my amazing cast-care skills, right? The writing on his arm is Dr. Beal's initials that were written six weeks earlier on surgery day. He does this to indicate which arm is "the one" once the patient is wheeled into the OR.

Our souvenir. Not quite as stinky as we expected either. Must have been the bottles of baby powder that were poured down it the last few weeks.

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Nyla said...

Too funny and too cute! I know breaking your arm is no laughing matter but your side comments did make me laugh. I guess at this point it's ok. Well Grandpa Pecos is pretty proud that Benjamin thinks it's neat to be a southpaw even if it turns out to be for a little while. I think it's fine to let him use whichever hand he wants to for any given task. What can it hurt? I'm glad his arm is healed and sound. Hugs to all!!!