Thursday, May 20, 2010

con"GRAD"ulations, Benjamin!

I need to start out the post by pointing out the fact that I do indeed know there isn't really a D in the word congratulations. That's all on that.

Well, I probably also need to point out the fact that Benjamin does indeed have a younger brother...even though the last several posts Mr. B has been the main focus. With a broken arm, a field trip and're bound to take up a little extra space on the blog.

Now then. On with the show.

Tonight Benjamin made the big walk across the stage. He is officially graduated! What a fun night. We are so proud of you, Benjamin. The two days a week you've spent at Belton Christian Preschool for the past two years have been so wonderful. You've made sweet friendships, learned lots of cool stuff that you still amaze us with and just overall really enjoyed yourself and got ready for kindergarten. Some of my favorite memories include....
--When you learned the months of the year song in Mrs. Jennifer's class last year. And sang it. All the time.
--Hearing you sing and do the motions to "Johnny works with one hammer...." last year from Mrs. Rebecca's music class.
--Your love and devotion to the "I SPY" book in the book center in Mrs. Mary's class. You and Matthew love to find the hidden guy on every single page.
--The week you studied Recycling, there wasn't a single thing I could throw away without you checking it to make sure it didn't have arrows in a triangle on it.
--How much you enjoy pattern-sorting....and how awesome you are at it!
--The time when I asked you what you and Jenae talked about at lunch and you said "Oh, no! You never talk at lunch. Lunch is for eating. Not talking. Ever."
--Your friendships with Ethan and Peyton last year (and this year), the buddy you've found in Matthew this year and the sweet "romance" you and Jenae seem to always be chirping about (oh my).
--Opening your backpack to see what creation you made that day. One of my favorites was the horse you made on cowboy week. I also adore my pipe-cleaner bracelet and fun-foam shapes necklace...they go with everything! 

I love you, Benjamin (or Ben as everyone else seems to be calling you these days....oh, wait, nope....just can't bring myself to do it). I love you, Benjamin. And I love how much this preschool has meant to you! Congratulations, sweet boy!

Benjamin with Mrs. Mary (left) and her daughter, Sophia, who helped in her class a lot. Benjamin would be so excited to tell me when Sophia had been at school!

Lining up outside the auditorium.

Walking across the stage as his name and future occupation of a firefighter were being announced.

An official graduate of Belton Christian Preschool.

Time to let loose and have fun with friends!

Jenae and Benjamin.
These two are making plans. Seriously. Jenae's mom, Debbie, and I are always talking about it. They want to get married and live with Jordan and Debbie. We told them in about 20 years or so....

Benjamin and his good buddy, Matthew.

All this hassle...just for this tassle!

One with little PJs! (His class performed in the jammies tonight). 
I'll post actual program photos soon.

Grandpa and Grandma drove over for the fun night!

We do have one more week of preschool left. And then (in the words of Benjamin...and Phineas and Ferb)...
"There's 104 days of summer vacation
and school comes along to just to end it.
The annual problem with our generation
is finding a good way to spend it...."

I have a few ideas.....

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Beth said...

SOOOO cute. Sorry we missed it, but you would NOT have wanted me there, just trust me. :)

So proud of you Benjamin. I got a little teary eyed seeing you in your cap and gown. Love you!!

Syndi said...

I LOVE Benjamin's expression in the picture with Matthew. It cracked me up! Cute pictures!

David Dominguez said...

Congrats, big Guy!

Nyla said...

What fun times. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos and thoughts about what went on. Loved seeing and hearing about it! Hugs!