Monday, May 31, 2010

So, Where Does Everyone Summah?

First Day of {pre}School, September 2009

Last Day of {pre}School, May 2010

School's out for summer and it's time to figure out what we'll do with these lazy, hotter-than-hot three months.  I have a few ideas cooking up...

Really hoping to show our kids that being a Christian doesn't mean just going to church and LifeGroup Sundays and Wednesdays. I suppose a "theme" (I almost hesitate to call it that...would rather call it a lifestyle), would be showing the love of Christ to others. We really want to put some things into place, especially over the summer that will help us give our kids (and us) the tools to do this.

I'd like to incorporate a weekly Bible study with the boys that will focus on this theme. Mondays are going to be (and already started with this one earlier today) "Monday Muffin Mania". We plan to bake a couple of dozen muffins to share with both friends and even people we don't know. It will be fun to try out new muffin recipes, too! Since David is off on Fridays, we plan to take a Meals on Wheels route here in Killeen. I used to deliver a route in Muleshoe with my pal, Deborah and her kids were old enough at the time to help....and I have always been wanting to do this when our boys would be able to help. And the time has come!

Our other summer plans are just starting to take shape, too. The boys are thrilled that their babysitter, Tawny, will be coming over a couple of times a week to watch them so I can still keep up my business stuff. And we are headed to New Mexico later in June for Cade Hooten's wedding and to see all the Muleshoe peeps-- woohoo! We are *hoping* (depending on David's schedule and his interviews this summer) to take some sort of vacation (even if it's only 3 or 4 days). Just kind of wanting to get out of town and do absolutely nothing. Next week, we plan to royally kick things off by spending five fun-filled days in Austin while David is at a conference. You can find us by the hotel pool. And probably hanging out some with the Newberry family, whose dad will be at the elementary schools version of the conference.

So all in all....we are ready. Hoping to make this one FUN summer before Benjamin embarks on "real" school in late August. And if any of you know where the title of this post is from....kudos to you, I consider you a friend.

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Rebecca said...

Those are great ideas Kristi! I think I might steal some of them when the girls get a little older. It is so important to show them what it means to be a Christian.