Saturday, December 03, 2011

Catch Up, Part 2: Cub Scout Ceremony

I somehow neglected to post about Benjamin's award ceremony at Cub Scouts from October. I had the photos ready and everything! ; )

Benjamin was pinned with his Bobcat Badge which makes him an official Tiger Cub Scout.
The patch is pinned on upside down. Once the scout has done a good deed on his own, the parent may turn the patch right side up and permanently attach the patch to the uniform. 
(With all these patches, I may have to learn to sew. Our bill at the tailor is adding up from Benjamin's uniform alone!)

Getting his Bobcat face paint during the ceremony.

Our official Tiger Scout!
(There's blue paint under his right eye & gold under the left...the colors of the cub scouts) the buddy rubbing the paint off on Benjamin's left! ; )

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Nyla said...

Great job Tiger Cub Scout Benjamin! Has he done his good deed yet? Love and hugs, Grandma Pecos