Friday, December 30, 2011

Hanging with the Callaways

I think for the last few years, Lori & I have tried to get together during the holidays without much success. This year, thanks to a cub scout campout at the Dallas Museum of Natural History (think Night at the Museum), we pulled off a FUN little visit earlier in December! Lori was the ultimate hostess of course and showed Jonathan and I a FABULOUS time!

We had known about this campout for months, so we were so excited for the weekend to arrive. Lori was too thoughtful and put together an equally awesome weekend for Jonathan so he didn't feel like he got the short end of the stick since big brother always gets to do cool scout stuff.

Here are the photos David texted me from the museum campout:

And of course, in usual Kristi fashion, I went a bit overboard with photos from our day:

Started off the fun with a trip to Legoland for the boys! Jonathan and Jackson (Lori's son) had a BLAST! 

Getting ready to watch the Lego 4D movie. Lori & I concluded that to be a FOUR-D movie, you must get actual "stuff" on you (i.e.: snow, rain, that sort of thing). It was hilarious. And, for the record, Lego people have their own language which is not too different than the adults from Peanuts. ("WaWaWaWa")

J-man on the ride at the beginning of Legoland where the car takes you through the castle & you shoot the bad guys (VERY cool!). All four of us went on this one...the photo they take of you during the ride (surprise) was probably one of the funniest I've ever seen. And definitely one NOT to be purchased. Yikes.

Jonathan and Lori on the big spin-ride thing. Lori was too cool to take my place on this one since this mama can't handle a spin around ride for the life of her. Bleh.

After dinner, we headed down to see the lights in Frisco square. LOVED this. So fun. It's one of those where you tune your car radio to their station and the lights are all choreographed/synchronized to the holiday music (which made taking photos a bit challenging, since they only stay on a few seconds at a time!). We also parked and walked around a bit to see the sights. Little sister came along with us this time. Pictured above is Jonathan, Jackson and Madelyn.

Santa was there! Seriously considered Photoshopping Benjamin into this one and calling it good for the year. Don't worry...I'm not that mean. We made it to the Killeen Mall to see our Santa, too, with big brother in tow.

There's a big, beautiful tree in Frisco Square, too. 

I tried really hard to go flash free on these, but haven't mastered that, nor did I bring a tripod to reduce movement. get the idea! ; )

Frisco even made SNOW for us to enjoy!

Thanks for a great time, Callaways!! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! 

ON A SIDE NOTE: One of my favorite parts of this trip was the hilarious conversation that developed between Lori & I while all three kiddos were in the backseat of her car as we headed to Frisco. One kiddo was having a mini-meltdown and the other two's comments regarding said meltdown were cracking us up. The car was loud and busy and full of both laughter and tears all at the same time. I looked at Lori and said, "Picture us fifteen years ago, in the front seat of a green Camaro or black Explorer driving through McDonald's in Abilene to get hot fudge sundaes. What would those two girls have done if they had seen this scenario in their future?" We had a GREAT laugh on that one and shared it later with Bobby, who also couldn't get over it! Life certainly takes you down lots of wonderful paths. Love having good friends like Lori that, although they may live a few miles away now, we can still have the same great times as always. Love you, Bestie. 

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Nyla said...

Looks like such fun and good times! Great memories too! Hugs to all, Grandma Pecos.