Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Drama, Drama, Drama

It's never good to have the police at your house for any length of time. As my mom would say, "It just doesn't look good." And it didn't. And it wasn't.
My mom and I were packing up her car this morning and we both ended up outside at the same time. We've been pretty careful to keep the doors to the house closed all the time lately-- a frog jumped into our laundry room last week, uninvited.
So after my mom came out, she shut the door. We finished piling the stuff in her trunk and as I went to go back inside, the door was locked! And neither of us did it; a small child named Benjamin thought it was funny, initially. However, he also shut the door from the laundry room to the rest of the house, which has a child proof-knob on it, and he couldn't get back into the laundry room to unlock the door to the garage. I am sure you are all sensing the complete wave of panic that inevitably followed.
The house is locked. The two adults are outside. The two children are inside. David is in Dallas and so are his keys. I couldn't decide if I needed to cry or freak out. My mom actually kept telling me to calm down (it's usually the complete opposite).
Thankfully, my mom did have her cell phone in her pocket. I called David (in the middle of his conference) to get the combination for the lock on the backyard gate, trying not to alarm him too terribly much. Seriously, how do you sugar-coat this one?
"I need the code to the backyard." I think, please, oh, please don't ask me why.
"What's up? Why do you need it, just go through the kitchen."
"Oh, well you know. Benjamin has locked himself in the house. We're locked outside. Just needing that darn code." I think, please don't panic like I am, someone needs to be calm. Of course, David is naturally calm about it and gives me the code. I hung up and ran to the back door, knocking like crazy trying to get the attention of a very confused little boy.
The back door could have worked at this point with a little explaining from mom. The dead bolt was locked, but the knob was not. All I needed to do was to get him to unlock the dead bolt and everything would be okay.
He unlocked it like a pro, right after he locked the knob. Are you kidding me?
At this point, he was starting to panic and cry, so I called 911. I was so flustered that when they asked for the number of the phone I was on, I couldn't even remember my mom's number! She has had the same cell number for atleast twelve years.
They came right away, followed by the Pop-A-Lock people who do these emergency unlocks for free. They were all so nice and understanding.
We busted on in, and, besides a few tears, everyone was okay. Jonathan was still in his crib (not that I expected him to come running out or anything) and Benjamin wrapped his entire body around me and didn't let go for quite some time.
Quite the morning in the Dominguez household.
Tonight we went to Walmart and stocked up on spare keys.


Arly said...

Oh my!!

Suzanne said...

Your blog reminded me of the days when Rob (known then as Robert Lee) was equally adventuresome. The main difference is that he figured out how to quietly unlock the doors, then the screen door and leave without me knowing it! We lived next to a strip mall with a movie theatre at one end and Albertson's at the other and he loved to "shop". He was always confident he knew where he was...I was always the one who was lost in his mind! Needless to say, I can empathize with the panic and fear in your heart. But know that you and the boys will survive and be stronger for it all. :)
By the way, my sister attends the Canyon Creek church in Temple and she wanted me to let you know they've started a MOPS group that meets there on Thursday mornings. You might want to check it out.