Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday Night

Just gearing up for a busy week getting ready for Benjamin's birthday. David left for Dallas today for a school conference and won't return until Wednesday. My mom came to stay with us because I am a big chicken about staying alone.
Wanted to share of few pics of Jonathan who discovered he can sit up on his own...that is, until gravity takes over!


The Carlsons said...

Hi Kristi! Well, if you are in any way related to Arly I'm sure you're good people. :) And I'm also very sure it's ok to call her "my arly" she'd love it. :)
well, i used css to code my page. a friend of mine told me how you can rip code basically, so i did that at first, but then i found a really helpful website and basically recoded everything so it was my own, rather than "stolen" from someone else's design. if you go to
basically all the information you need is there. if you have any questions at all just email me,i love this stuff and i would love to help ya out! my email is
best of luck! carly

Arly said...

I do love the "my Arly" comment. :) I find his highly amusing, by the way... Carly is HI-LARIOUS, and super cute too. :)