Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Conversations with a Toddler

Benjamin's verbal ability has just fascinated us lately, so I thought I would keep sharing the tidbits as they keep coming.
Yesterday, we were doing our grocery shopping at HEB (HETB as B calls it). I was strolling through the produce picking up the items we needed and B was my "bag guy." He is fascinated with trying to open the produce bags off the roll and sometimes manages to get them open (I can barely do this sometimes, those are so frustrating).
Anyway. He would annouce each item and its quantity as it went into a new bag...
"Two cucumalers..."
"Oh, lettuce. Wet lettuce, Mommy..."
"Wow. Three tomatoes. Those are deeeeelicious!"
As I grabbed a large red bell pepper, he looked a little puzzled and I asked him if he knew what it was.
"Of course, Mommy. That's a Doctor Pepper."
I laughed so hard that even Jonathan started laughing at us. He was also just excited to ride in the "big boy" seat in the buggy right next to Benjamin. HEB has the BEST shopping carts for people with two small kids-- they have double leg holes in the seat area so I don't have to steer that obnoxious add-on cart thingy around the store, hitting whatever is in my way.
Anyway. I think we all know that David is the big Dr. Pepper lover in the family and I am sure this is where this came from. It just cracked me up.

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