Friday, March 28, 2008

Cracking Up

Benjamin laughed until he cried last night at supper. It made us laugh
pretty hard as well. He gets tickled at stuff fairly often, but not
like this. Jonathan had dropped a piece of banana to the floor and
David picked it up and attempted to throw it from his chair at the
table into the kitchen sink. He missed and the banana piece landed
between two slats on the blinds above the sink. It was a pretty
funny scenario as it all went down. Just wanted to post the video here
so I can come back to it and play it whenever I need a grin.
(Just FYI-- I am not the snorter in this video! I didn't want any rumors started.)


Lauren said...

how cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
To funny.

Love, Grandma

Arly said...

HAHA. Heck, I'd laugh too at a banana on the window! :) You should have taken a picture of the banana. :)