Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Rule for Daddy

OK, I have to make peace with it.

Give up the fight.

Change my ways.

Never, ever, again, will I do anything Jonathan-related while wearing any garment that is "Dry Clean Only".

This trip to the cleaners, this lame story to the lady at the cleaners, will be my last.

This glob of applesauce splattered on the leg of my suit pants, will be the last one, ever.

Make it 2 new rules:

The door to the hall bathroom must remain closed AT ALL TIMES! There is apparently something of value at the bottom of the toilet bowl, way down where everything disappears. Jonathan is determined to get it. Left to himself for just a minute, make that a few seconds, he will frantically crawl into that bathroom, and with shocking speed, be up on his knees, with one or both hands deep, down inside, splashing the water around, hoping that maybe this will be the time he will find whatever it is he's looking for.

I know we shouldn't wish time away, but this is one thing I'm ready to not have to look out for anymore.

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