Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jonathan's To-Do List

I think I'll start my day by taking a bunch of the freshly folded blankets out of the drawer. After I do this, I will sit on them, but mom won't be quick enough to get that shot with her camera.

Now onto this door thing that I am never allowed to open. Since my mom's got a camera in her hand, she won't tell me no. I can get away with it this time since she thinks it will make a cute post on the blog.

I think I'll wrap up my morning by moving over to the dresser and filling this pajama drawer full of random toys. Maybe I'll even bury some so my mom will have to take everything out to find all of the toys.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Jonathan you're at it again. Grandma childproofed her house today preparing for your upcoming visit.See you tomorrow.
Love ya all,
Grandma and Grandpa

Arly said...

What a little stinker.

Happy Mama said...

What a cutie- don't you love all the exploration that goes on right now? I can't even keep up with it all here. And by the way, I LOVE your furniture- is that the naked wood you guys bought and then finished? Another talent...Not fair! :)

MelissaT said...

I didn't realize you had a blog either. I am happy to have found your blog--I love your writing style! I like the pictures; they are reminders of what my life will be like in the next few weeks/months as Ty is more mobile and closer to walking every day. I always wonder what is going through their little minds when they are in this stage of development.