Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I thought I would address my email in-box in regard to the 365 post about photographing our home. Seriously, I didn't know that many people looked at the 365-- funny. But, NO, we are not selling our house. At least not anytime soon anyway. That wasn't why we were taking photos of the dining and play room. Sorry to disappoint. Trust me, when Daddy says the word about moving to Belton, I'll be the first one packed! I would love to be closer to the church and all of our church family over in B-town. But, for now, we will keep enjoying the Killeen digs. And what's not to enjoy now that Market Heights is open? (Are you all just exhausted of my never-ending references to the new shopping center?)
So the reason I have been photographing a couple of areas of the house is to get ideas and input from people who have a clue what they are doing in the interior design world. Yes, that's right, feel free to RATE MY SPACE! And feel free to add comments, criticisms and any ideas you may have. That is why I did this.
Yes, friends, welcome to my "other life". The life that occurs a couple of times a week between the hours of 1:30-3:30pm. When I take off my housewife hat and go by the handle of "TexasMom". I have been in love with HGTV's Rate My Space site since before it was turned into a show (and honestly, I have yet to see a single episode, I prefer the web-based version). I look at people's spaces, throw in my two cents and usually give them a five star rating, regardless. Because that seems like the nice thing to do on there. And now, I have thrown myself into the ring for others to do the same with my dwelling spaces.
So, feel free to jump on the RMS train with me! You can find the BEST ideas and get great advice from others all across the world. So, now that my secret is're all invited to join me! And, yes, I am losing those lamps this weekend based on the comments! I think I will wait until aftermy Southern Living party/open house/girls' night of fun...whatever you'd like to call it...on Friday night! I probably won't add redecorating to my to-do list before then!


Rebecca said...

I hadn't even noticed the lamps :) I love the red in the playroom. I am so jealous of people with color in their homes. Ours has the boring off white everywhere, but I am a scaredy cat when it comes to painting. Maybe you could help me!

Melissa said...

I've been wondering what the inside of your house looks like. I sure hope that doesn't sound weird. I mean, I've been wondering because I love your sense of style on your blog templates, so I was curious about your casa. So thanks for the preview, and I'll see the rest tonight!

Amanda said...

Your house is beautiful! It was so nice to be there again tonight. I really do want you to come help me with my playroom!

Alisha Stewart said...

I'm not sure why you need decorating ideas. Your house is sooo cute. You've got style girl:)