Monday, August 11, 2008

Tuckered Out

I have been trying to sit down and blog all through nap time, but just haven't gotten to it. Amazingly, Jonathan is still asleep. Benjamin requested his blinds be pulled up, so he is in bed, reading and watching it rain. They are both pooped from our weekend of partying!
Friday night, I invited the girls over for a Southern Living at Home party and it was too fun. Several gals from David's work, a bunch of friends from church and a couple of neighbors all came over and it was a blast! We partied until well after ten o'clock! The boys (even David), went and had their own little party at Grandma and Grandpa's, complete with a spaghetti and meatball feast! Over here, we munched and laughed and played some fun games...and shopped! I am no longer a consultant for the company (I do miss it), but my friend Brooke is, and she did a great job for us. I didn't take any actual photos at the party...I didn't want to scare off the ones who didn't know me quite as well by busting out the camera!
Last night we hosted our LIFEGroup over here and it was great. Our new (to us) swing set was properly broken-in and played on by all of the kiddos! David presented a great lesson (I am a bit biased, I know), on being a Christian working in a secular environment-- good stuff.
This morning we headed over to play group at our favorite inflatable place-- Wazoo's. With all of these events, no wonder the boys are so pooped! I kind of am, too.
Not much else to report. I am starting to make preparations for my classroom for preschool (we will be called the "Busy Bees", so any teachers with fun bee ideas, LET ME KNOW!). David is now back on his normal schedule and is getting ready for school to start on the 25th. I am also excited to say that I am starting a walking ritual every morning with one of my neighbors who also stays home with her little boy. We will be pounding the pavement at 7:30 everyday! I truly hope I am not a huge disappointment to her in this area! Me and my wagon with two may slow her jogging stroller self down!
Happy Monday! Oh, and a few pics of the fun:
The new catalog...oohlala!

LIFEGroup...Benjamin came and hung out with the grown-ups for awhile.

Pretending to be turtles in their "shell".

He indeed, climbed all the way back up the slide.

Benjamin loves swinging on the glider.
Jonathan in a toddler bounce house at Wazoo's

Just being Benjamin

On the big slide....with a long line behind him!


Leslye said...

I decorated my PreK classroom last year in bees and bugs. I will try to think up some things we did and I will email you. What ages will you be working with? I am crazy and did not take pictures of my room before I took it down. I am going to be better about that this year!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Midnight wants under the shell. We told you Jonathan could climb back up the slide, no problem.

Love ya all,
Grandma Pawlik

kotitemp said...

Hey, your house looks so good! Sounds like you guys are really finding your "nitch"! I'm so happy for you! The boys look happy! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

We had fun at Wazoo's! Glad we finally got to be together at a play date! We need to get together soon!