Friday, August 01, 2008

Good News All Over the Place!

These two guys both got great news this week! We were all getting ready for my dad to start a long seven weeks of radiation due to his PSA levels rising steadily over the past few months. He had his blood work done again this week and we were all surprised, overwhelmed and blessed at the great news! On their own, his PSAs took a downward turn! This is great news. So great that he will NOT be starting radiation for now! His doctor is putting him on a potent vitamin that should help his body keep making these PSAs go down on their own! What a blessing. I know our class at church along with many, many others have been praying about my dad and we sure appreciate it. My mom says he has been on cloud nine since they got the news!
Benjamin has also come leaps and bounds at Camp Hope and this week his therapists couldn't wait to tell me how great he had done. He is doing great with his Occupational Therapy more so than anything. His OT, "Miss Shana" said that since he has really warmed up to her, they have great conversations...she said it was like talking to an adult! He has also done great with his pedaling skills on the bikes at CH as well as his Big Wheels thing here (Big Wheels-- who knew?). He even did great with buttoning, coloring within lines in one direction and working with his "theraputty" yesterday! I was so proud of him!
And on the baby front....
Baby Madelyn arrived yesterday for the Callaway family! Lori, Bobby and Jackson couldn't be any happier. In order to not steal their thunder, I'll let you read about the sweet girl on her family's blog, here. friend Koti is also in the hospital getting ready to deliver their second son any minute now!
What a blessed week all around. We can't quit smiling around here!


Anonymous said...

This is so awesome about your dad!! We couldn't be happier for all of you. God is so amazing! And congrats on Benjamin. Of course, I can't say I'm surprised at how well he's doing; he is such a special kid!!

GPaty said...

It was great to talk to you today! I wish I had already read this post when we spoke so that I could have congratulated you in person about your daddy and Benjamin. I am so thrilled that both are doing so well...God's richest blessings are so abundant!

Amanda said...

Oh Kristi - I'm so happy to hear all the good news!!! That's wonderful for both your dad AND Benjamin! And I'm seriously not ignoring you - I WILL call you back. I always forget to check my messages, so I just got it! Sorry girl!

Arly said...

YAY for Kristi's Dad!! I'm glad for the good news!

AND for Benjamin!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Arly. Know you and Sam are anxiously awaiting that baby boy in November. Good Luck to you both.
Love ya,
Marian (Kristi's Mom)

Lori said...

What wonderful new about your dad! I know that you are all thankful for God's blessings! How exciting to hear of the progress Benjamin is making at Camp Hope. Talk to you soon!

Happy Mama said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! Praise God! We will continue to pray for those men in your life and for all the new babies too! So happy for you all! :)

Also, love the toothpaste battle- you two are too cute! Go team Kristi! Sorry Dave...

Becky said...

Praise God, on all fronts Kristi...I am so thankful to hear about your Dad. The good Lord's great wonders never cease! I will remember to say thanks tonight when I say my prayers ;)

Also, so happy to hear about Benjamin! He is SO bright, I just knew he'd make leaps and bounds once he started Camp Hope!

You are so very blessed!

Hugs :)

Monica said...

I am so happy for you with all your good news!! What a nice shower of blessings you are having. I can't wait to check out Lori's baby. I am glad she has a blog. It will be fun getting caught up with her also.

Rachel said...

what an awesome God we serve!!! how incredible about your dad - and i will be praying for continued healing and progress!!! and yea benjamin - that is SO awesome!! i have such a heart for kiddos embracing aspergers and he truly sounds like he is doing incredible!!
both of your boys are such cuties!!!
please tell lori congrats!! i'll check out her blog too!!
so happy to be back in touch!