Thursday, July 31, 2008

Does Anyone Else Do This?

I am beginning to think we are a little nuts around the Dominguez house. I am about to let you in on a little something that exists in our home but is never spoken about-- ever.
We are competitive people.
Not competitive as in sports but in very strange ways. And not with anyone else. With each other. It is a little game we play that I am almost ready to wave my white flag on....but not quite. The current situation?

BATTLE: Toothpaste

Our current competition involves the tube of toothpaste in our bathroom. And for some reason, I really want to win this one. The purpose is to not be the person who has to bust into the new package. It is more of a hold out sort of thing. And it isn't laziness, which may be your initial reaction. Both of us love to open a new product or item, there's something kind of fun about that. It is almost about who is the most frugal. Who can squeeze the most out of that dilapidated old tube? I thought it would be me...but look at that tube! It has seen its day. I now have to set my toothbrush down on the counter and use both hands to squeeze. I think it is causing me to have early-onset arthiritis. I even thought about cheating (gasp!) and going to the boys' bathroom to use their toothpaste; but the thought of bubble gum toothpaste makes me gag. So, I am trying like crazy to hold out. Every morning after David has left and I am in the bathroom getting ready, I open the drawer to see that stupid old tube still sitting there. It is almost like I see David's face in the drawer...staring at me saying, "Ha ha! Got a little more out of it! Your turn!"
What is a little scary is that we don't just do this with toothpaste. We do it with the bar soap in the shower, the pump soap at the sink (I really think David mixed water in it last month to make it last until I had to change it-- stinker!), the milk, the juice, etc. Neither of us wants to be that person that had to open up a new container when there was probably still a bit of use in the old one. And we NEVER speak of this. It is quite funny. It is our silent battle of sorts.
It occured to me this morning after I longed to bust into that new twin pack, (but didn't), we are a little nuts. Friends, please help me out here. Do any of you do this in your household? Or are we a little over the top with the competition? Have we turned into Ray and Debra Barrone in the Baggage episode of that show? Will toothpaste be our big fork and spoon? Or suitcase?
Just a little friendly marital competition!
Let the Battle Begin.....


Heather said...

We did the toothpaste thing until we moved into our house last year. Now we have two sinks in the bathroom so we just decided to give each person their own seems to work much better!

Amanda said...

Oh, I LOVED that Everybody Loves Raymond episode!!! We do it, too Kristi. Our most frequent battle is who can hold out longest before putting the new roll of toilet paper ON the dispenser. :)

Lauren said...

Soo funny!! And I never realized it but we do it too, with the toilet paper roll :) And the Raymond episode you are talking about it sooo funny, Mark actually has it saved on our DVR right now.

Thank you so much for the advice on car seats! We have been looking at the Evenflo one's and I think we are pretty much sold :)

Arly said...

Sam and I do that. With everything. Or maybe it's all in my head and it's just me that does it and he's just lazy. :)

Melissa said...

Oh, that's really funny. We, too, are in the group who has the TP battle.

And that was a hilarious video on your previous post. What a talented son you have!

David said...

I guess the Barone I relate to most in that episode is Frank: "When did we get those?"

Rebecca said...

Jonathan and I are laughing right now. We agree that we do it with the TP and milk. We kind of have the toothpaste thing worked out. He has his own tube, but he often steals mine and then I can't find it. The worst is when he steals mine when he goes out of town or something and I am left to search high and low for a sample that we have somewhere.

Becky said...

We hold out on taking out the trash, although it's usually ME who does it b/c it gets on my nerves, but don't really do it with anything else. That's pretty funny though about the toothpaste! I will do that myself though, use a tube until I squeeze every last drop WITH both fingers out of it before tossing it in the trash....I'm SO utilitarian, right?! Anyhoo, I H-E-A-R-T that wintergreen toothpaste, it's my fave. And I love watching Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs too, cracked up about the suitcase episode b/c I've seen it about...3 times!!

Rachel said...

hilarious!!! we hold out on things like the dishes and trash - i'm pretty sure it's because we just want the other person to do it though;)

i say a little competition is fun!!