Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stop, Time, Stop!

Benjamin has a Thomas the Train book entitled, Stop Train, Stop! which we read pretty often. I stole the title of this post from it. I want this week to just freeze so we can have more time to just hang out.
David is off of work this week and it will be the last long stretch of time he is off until the holidays. And I just love it. And so do the boys. We have had leisurely mornings with big breakfasts fixed by Daddy and fast-paced afternoons of preparing for a garage sale while the boys nap (or at least one of them does).
After the kids are in bed, we've stayed up late (way too late last night, but I'll get to that later), watched re-runs of Frasier and read books (yes, I am actually reading a real book, not a magazine for a change) and snacked on Pretzel Salad and sodas. We haven't really done anything, but it has been just the best.
Sometimes we think of how great it would be for David to work from home. But, I guess it is a little hard to manage a middle school campus of 700+ (including faculty/staff) when you are in your jammies all day. So, the real world keeps creeping up on us as the minutes tick by.
Benjamin has really enjoyed it, too. Tonight I went to check on him after he should have been asleep (but wasn't). He was laying with his feet on his pillows and his head on his bear just sort of day dreaming. When he saw me, he immediately asked, "When it is morning, is Daddy going to work again?" I reassured him that no, he wasn't, and he just smiled so big.
It's just been a nice, relaxing (ok somewhat, we are getting ready for that garage sale) week of quality time together.
I don't have much else to "report". I did manage to conquer a big fear last night. I am a bit of a wimp about getting out at night alone (who isn't, we all watch the news). But last night, I could tell I was getting a painful bladder infection (maybe TMI, sorry). I knew even if I waited until morning, there was no guarantee I could get an appointment today. And even if I did, doctors' offices take 3-4 days to process this type of infection through a lab, and I was already in so much pain. I actually get these a couple of times a year and always go to the ER so I can get a prescription and treatment immediately. So, at 12:30, I drove myself to the Killeen Hospital. David offered to get the boys up and we could all go, but that would have been insane. I stayed on the phone with him entering and exiting the hospital. And I took the truck so I would seem...tough? After hanging out at the ER for an hour and a half I headed to the 24-hour Walgreens to, literally, wake the female pharmacist at the drive-up. She seemed annoyed (and incoherent) that I wondered if she would correctly fill my meds. Hello, you are the only 24-hour pharmacy in town, you are open for the very purpose of receiving business! Wake up and at least make me feel confident that you'll correctly help me...I am in pain here! Sorry to ramble, that just really bugged me.
And after my night on the town, I made it home in one piece at 2:30 in the morning! And I actually enjoyed the Killeen hospital...which I had reservations about in the past. They were very kind and chipper for the late hour! Way to go, Metroplex Health System!
That's about all I know. I could just use another week hanging out with the hubs. He is such a blessing! Love, love, love you.


David said...

These are my favorite times, too. Mike and Mike in the Morning, and you guys all day. Nothing could be better! :) LLLY!

The Best Family said...

what a sweet post! I love it when clint has time off and we just stop to hang out together as a family instead of planning lots of places to go and things to do...
and I am a chicken about going out at night, too!!

Becky said...

Hoping you will feel better soon so you can enjoy the rest of this special family time! The only time I had one of those infections was when I was pregnant with Gracyn....NOT FUN!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures right?!?!?? Kuddos for conquering your fear...I hate staying alone at night if Steve's's something I need to work on too!!!

Take care of you :)

GPaty said...

I hope you feel better sweetie....those infections are the WORST. :(

Melissa said...

I am so glad that you are having such a great week w/ your hubby at home. And I definitely hope that you get to feeling better. Those are awful infections, but the good thing is that you are on meds already. We used Metroplex ER a few times when we lived in K-Town, and we always got in and out quickly. The doctors and nurses were always very caring, too.

Have an enjoyable Friday!

Amanda said...

So glad you are enjoying your week! Have a great garage sale! Is it at your house? Maybe we'll come by!

Hope you get to feeling better. Good for you for getting out on your own and going ot the ER!