Monday, July 14, 2008

Back to Normal

David went back to work this morning and the boys and I are sort of fumbling along trying to get back into our routine. Actually, it occured to me the other day that we have not had much of a routine since we returned from Corpus, but that's okay. I am trying to roll with it. We have not had an "official" family fun day in a few weeks, mainly because everyday has been family fun day while Daddy has been home.
Our garage sale went great. We cleaned out the closets and got rid of some stuff we really didn't need. The following is all of the boxes that had not been unpacked in the entire year we have lived here (slightly embarassing). Most of the contents are now spread across Killeen in various garage salers' homes-- or possibly on eBay, we looked like we had some professionals visiting our sale!

We had LIFEGroup last night and had a great time over at the Marks family's house. Jonathan showed off his new walking ability and Benjamin ran around and played with Colten and Caden, two of the other little boys in the group. Here's our group huddled around the munchies. That's our friend Beth on the right. She is expecting...isn't she cute?

I am still so amazed at Benjamin's ongoing fascination with Cars. All week, he has been pining away for the new Dinoco Chick. We're trying to teach him that a trip to Wal-mart does not mean a new car every time. Plus, I can't find that car...anywhere! Here he is in the playroom with some of his faves. Notice how he completely "rearranged" the place and the Cars rug is in a heap behind him. He was actually driving the cars on the heap of rug-- they were on hills! Pretty creative. He also used various Thomas the Train depots and bridges and Little People houses and barns to create Radiator Springs right there in the play room.

So now it is back to everyday life. Gone are the days of bacon, eggs & pancakes replaced by our old standard of bananas, cinnamon bread, and Diego yogurt. The house could certainly use a good scrubbing and the laundry is calling me. The boys already had to talk to Daddy on the phone this morning and we've already had a major meltdown (by the three-year-old!). In some ways, I am quite ready to find our routine again. But we sure do miss Daddy hanging out with us. Have a great day at work, David. Your fan club will be waiting for you when they hear the garage door open tonight.


David said...

You guys make all this worthwhile. Thanks for a restful week at home; it was great! (Now I know why your dad voted for this as a vacation when you were a kid!) I'll be looking forward to opening that garage door! Love y'all!

Kristi said...

Just to clarify if you are not a Pawlik and didn't quite get David's vacation remark:
When I was five, my family was talking about where to go on vacation that summer. We decided it would be fun to each pick a place, write it on a peice of paper and throw them all in a hat. My mom and I (without the other one knowing) both wrote "Disney Land" which was what was drawn (and we had a blast!). As we opened all of the papers out of the hat to see what everyone had written down, we found one that stated "stay home." What a fuddy-duddy, we thought and we were so thankful we hadn't drawn my dad's vacation spot! My dad was kind about it and I think he had a great time, too...even driving back into Austin towing a travel trailer at 2 a.m. (a family story we still tell to tease my brother Dale). But, yes, now that whole idea to just "stay home" certainly does sound appealing.

GPaty said...

I LOVE that picture of Benjamin looking at his Radiator Springs re-creation. He is precious!

Amanda said...

Glad the garage sale was a success! I understand completely about wanting to stay home for a vacation. Raymond always wants to go somewhere and I'm the one saying, "can we please just stay home and do nothing???"

By the way - Bethany and I were scanning through all of your recent 365 pics and she said, "Mommy, I want to take a bath with Benjamin!" Yikes!!!