Saturday, July 05, 2008

Celebrating Eli's 4th on the 4th!

For the FOJ this year, we headed to Abilene to have a combined Independence Day celebration/4th birthday for our nephew, Eli. We partied over at David's brother, Sam and his wife, Arly's house and had a great time getting together with all the Dominguez/Davidson bunch. The Davidsons are our sister-in-law, Syndi's family. We've overlapped in several areas of "how we know" and "how we're related to" the Davidsons...from church in Abilene, from ACU (I was in school with Syndi's sister, Shellie), from holidays in Pecos, etc. Anyway. It was great to get together with everyone! We had a super-fun time!
Sam and Arly were great hosts and did so much to make the day great for all-- thanks, guys! It is really nice to have their house in Abilene that we can all "meet in the middle" for get-togethers.
The kiddies played with squirt guns and in wading pools. Eli had a Cars birthday, so you know Benjamin was loving that! Grandpa grilled up some doggies and burgers and we feasted on a great spread! My favorite? Aunt Arly's apple pie-- the girl can bake.
The boys crashed for the first part of the drive home-- they were so tired! We somehow managed to time it pretty well to see three fireworks shows from the comfort of the highway driving through Rising Star, Brownwood and Goldthwaite. Pretty fun stuff.
Happy 4th, Eli! Hope your day was fabulous, kid!


Happy Mama said...

Sounds like fun! So glad you had a great FOJ- as well as your vacation. I had to do a lot of catching up on your blog. The boys are growing so fast and they are SO cute! Love all your fun pics- take care!

Arly said...

We're so glad you guys could come up!! It was a blast, and now that everybody is gone, we're pooped! :)

Glad you liked the Apple Pie too!! Yay!

Amanda said...

Glad you guys had fun! I meant to ask you about it this morning, but didn't get a chance. We missed you here!!!

pecos grandma said...

Wow Kristi, what great pics. I didn't even realize you were taking pictures. It was lots of fun, and I'm so glad everyone could make it. Thanks to our hosts, Sam & Arly! That apple pie was fabulous, so was your potato salad & cucumber salad. Those photos of Benjamin and Elena are too cute! Hope your trip home wasn't too hard.

kotitemp said...

Hey Kristi! I'm glad you had a great FOJ. Wish we could've seen you, but I got your email! We'll get together soon! Looks like everyone had a great time!

kotitemp said...

Love your new page too!