Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Big Fun for Benjamin

Perhaps fun may not be the right word. But Benjamin's first official dentist appointment was this morning and he did great! His teeth may not be any cleaner than when he walked in the door, but he still did wonderfully! The hygienist told us that they really didn't start the cleanings and stuff until they turn four, but it is a good idea to start bringing them in and getting them familiar with the dentist and the office.
He has 22 pearly whites that are very healthy and in great shape! He wasn't too sure about getting them polished today, but he did let them poke around in there and get a good count. He didn't get upset a bit and took the whole thing in stride.

After the dentist office, we headed over to Belton for our first swimming lesson with Jennifer and our friends from church. We had the whole pool to ourselves and it was great to see our pals!
We hung around for a while and played with Miss McKenna before Benjamin crashed on the way home-- lunch in hand! I thought by just driving through somewhere and grabbing something, it may keep him awake on the way home until his nap (which he needed today). However, we probably won't ever do that again, since his burger was all over his lap by the time we pulled into the driveway. (On a side note, whenever we have gotten B a burger at a McD's or similar, they are usually just the plain-jane thing. He was super excited that his little burger from Jack in the Box came with 'salad' on it!)
Tomorrow will be a first for us. I am heading to McKinney to see my really good friend Lori for a couple of days. I am also leaving David with both boys overnight (TWO whole nights!) for the first time. I know he'll be fine, but the list maker in me wants to go around putting notes on everything about how to handle this situation and what to do if this one does this. But I know everything will be just fine. David has not yet ventured into grocery shopping territory with both boys yet, so I did head to Walmart this afternoon and stock the pantry and fridge. When I asked what he wanted me to fix for them for the weekend, he told me just to get hot dogs and frozen pizzas and they would all be great. I asked if he thought maybe a few vegetables might be a good idea? To this he replied:
"Okay, then. Make it SUPREME pizzas."

Benjamin and our friend, Jennifer

Trying to sit on his kick board.

Playing Ring Around the Rosie with Miss McKenna

"We all fall down! Benjamin, this is the part where we fall down under the water...FALL DOWN!" They were hilarious.


Rebecca said...

That's great that he did well at the dentis. I think I would be the same way if I left Kylee with Jonathan for two days. I know David will do great and I'm glad he decided on the supreme pizza, that is much healthier!

Monica said...

Yeah for the dentist!! Glad he did good. I do have a question are you sure he had 22 teeth and not 20? If it was 22 your little boy has 2 extra teeth which does happen. Just thought you should know if he has 22 he has to brush extra, that is what I tell my kids with extra teeth. : )
Have fun on your trip. Tell Lori hi. She needs a blog. I would love to catch up with her some time.

Melissa said...

What a big boy--going to the dentist! I hope you enjoy your "days off" and have a great trip. I am sure all of your boys will love their boy time together!

Kristi said...

Thanks, y'all!
Monica-- You answered a bit of on ongoing debate between David and I. I heard 22 and David keeps saying he thought it was 20. Since I was posting this, I guess I just went with what I thought I heard. But, 20 would make a lot more sense. 22 sounded a little strange to me....I just really thought the hygienist said this! You are right...Lori DOES need a blog. She actually has one, just needs to post to it! I'll tell her hello for you! We should have a Ruswood Reunion sometime for all the girls who passed through that house at one point in time or another. That would be a blast!

Jennifer said...

I didn't authorize that picture of me! haha! It should be entitled, "The Other White Meat!" You should've cropped me out of it! ;-)

Amanda said...

Good luck on your trip and have a WONDERFUL time!!! I really laughed at the supreme pizza comment. He's too funny!

Becky said...

Love the dentist pics! Steve was very impressed that he did so well for his first visit! YAY BENJAMIN :) Steve says sometimes kids can be a little tricky the first visit, but Benjamin makes it look like a cinch!

Thanks for the laugh David :)