Friday, July 25, 2008

Our family Fridays have made their return. Instead of planning out a big activity, our day just sort of fell into place, and we had so much fun together-- all day long!
Today was Benjamin's last swimming lesson, so we all headed over to Belton to watch and swim. Lessons ended a little early today and the pool completely cleared out! We couldn't believe that we had two pools (this place has a rather large baby pool) all to ourselves. David ran to Jack in the Box and brought us back a picnic of sorts. And we just swam ourselves silly for quite some time.

Benjamin going under the water with Jennifer!

Our friend Cade splashing with Jonathan in the baby pool while Benjamin finished up his lesson. Aren't their expressions fun?

Mommy and Benjamin swimming and splashing in the big pool.

After heading home, the boys crashed and the parents did, too. Later this afternoon we made our first trip over to our new Target, and it did not disappoint! Even the new shopping carts are cool! Throughout swimming lessons we have been shamelessly bribing offering an incentive for Benjamin to stay focused, go underwater and listen well to Jennifer. That bribe reward would have been the much anticipated Dinoco Chick car that he has been wanting...and guess who had it? Way to go, new Target! We love you already. And yes, we were HUGE dorks by bringing our camera along to Target of all places. But hey, for little ol' Killeen, this new shopping center is a big deal! We drove around the parking lot and several other places are almost open as well, including Barnes & Noble, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Circuit City, Chipotle (yum, can't wait for that one), Cheddar's and Cracker Barrel. The new Petco, DollarTree, Ulta and Payless were already doing the business. It was fun to visit there today; everyone was super excited everywhere we turned. We cruised up and down every aisle in Target (even the freezer section) and it seemed like we weren't the only ones doing this! It is too cool!
Pulling the Dinoco Chick off the rack! Their Cars section was well-stocked!

After cruising, we came home and made breakfast for supper-- a favorite around here. Before their baths, we let the boys play around in the driveway for awhile. Jonathan is learning to ride the little Radio Flyer trike and Benjamin rode his Big Wheels and "Junior". Jonathan was pretty interested in Junior this time and climbed on in. They both played "Pit Stop" for quite some time. Jonathan was the driver and Benjamin was "Guido" the tire-changer.

A very fun, un-orchestrated Family Fun Friday. Maybe I should never plan things out went pretty well!


Pecos Dad said...

Well, woohoo for the new shopping center!! Let's see, Target, Barnes & Noble, Cracker Barrel. . . . and Taco Bueno just around the corner. It doesn't get much better than that! Sounds like a trip to Killeen is in order, and long overdue.

Love you all,

Pecos Dad

Amanda said...

Yay for Target!!! Looks like you guys had a fun day yesterday. We had fun playing with you at the pool for a little while. Thanks for the pics of Bethany - they are so cute!!!

You know, the times I don't make plans seem to be the times things work out the best! Glad you all had a fun day. Oh, and don't feel bad about the bribery. I'm not above it either. :)

Becky said...

Swimming lessons WERE really fun this year and I love that the kids get to be together during them...Cade had fun entertaining Jonathan and chatting up David at the kiddie pool! I'm so happy I check your post too, b/c we thought the sign said that Target didn't open until Sunday, and now I know it's already in business! Thanks for the 411 on the CARS stock, we're lookin for sheriff & ramone b/c our got accidentally thrown in the trash...I know where we'll be Sunday afternoon :)

Rachel said...

i can totally in a small town i would be SO excited for a target (or ANY of those stores) - for now i'll settle for driving 20 minutes to the nearest target;) oh, how i love target!