Sunday, July 20, 2008

McKinney, Mamma Mia, & Make Way for Miss Madelyn

I had a super fun time in McKinney with Lori and her family. Lori and I met in August of 1996 and have been the best of buds ever since. We roomed together all through college (even into that 5th year we hung around for, until she got married, I didn't think I should live with her then!). We have been through a lot together: ACU; pledging; the loss of her dad; the fact that we sometimes think our moms live identical lives; parents with cancer; fun (and sometimes crazy) trips to New York City, California (twice), Louisiana (we swam with someone famous there...any guesses who?), Graceland, Florida and many other Texas spots, weddings, a bajillion moves, three little boys (and two big boys), a whole mess of Golden Retrievers, and the ultimate: turning 30. The beauty of our friendship is that we can pick up right where we left off and we always do.
One of the main reasons I went up was to help out on the nursery for Miss Madelyn, who I truly thought would arrive when I was there (but didn't!). Lori is very ready for that little girl to be born, too! And we all can't wait to meet her. I also got to spend a little time with Madelyn's big brother, Jackson, who just turned five. He is hilarious and had me laughing the whole time.
We also were excited to get to see Mamma Mia on opening night! Too fun. If you're an ABBA fan, chances are you've already seen the musical and have probably already run out to see the flick. The movie was great! We had a fun theater packed with fun girls (and about two men) who clapped and sang and laughed hysterically the whole time. If you do go see it, be sure and hang around for the credits, that is when they sing Waterloo...I was starting to get concerned that it was left out! We also managed to have ring-side seats for a confrontation coming out from the Batman movie across the hall when we were waiting to get into our theater. Craziness. Two old, decent looking guys yelling at each other about one of their wives' cell phones that apparently rang in the movie. It got a little scary for a moment until they moved past us. We were thinking fists were about to fly (because that is what they were yelling!).
All was well on the home front when I got back yesterday. Daddy even took the boys to the pool for Benjamin's swim lessons on Friday. David said Benjamin did great and even started using the kickboard the correct way (as opposed to trying to sit on or surf on it). My brother and sister-in-law and their kiddos stopped by for a bit to drop off some furniture that I plan to put into Benjamin's room. They had wanted to take us to the lake to ride the wave runner, but I was just too pooped from the drive home. We'll catch you guys next time! Benjamin already had the chance to "ride" the wave runner and was ready to show off his tricks to us. We told him we'll have to go out to the lake with them before school starts.
All in all, a super fun weekend! Miss you already, Lori! Hurry up and get here, Madelyn!

Lori, Bobby and of the last threesome pics!

The dresser we worked on and "shabby chiced". It started out unfinished! I was excited about how it turned out...she has some cute espresso-colored baskets for the cubbies and the vintage-y clear knobs for the drawers.

The changing topper for the dresser, shelves and letters for the room that we worked on.
I can't wait to see what they look like on the wall!

Madelyn's crib...ready and waiting for her! I love the bedding Lori picked out!
It is from the Land of Nod (I think).

Benjamin "riding" the wave runner.
"Hey, Keaton, get out of the way, dude. I want to see what this baby can really do!"


Lori said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kristi!! We love all the painting you did for us! I am still singing songs in my head from Mamma Mia! We can't wait for you family to come up and meet Madelyn when she makes her entrance.

Lori said...
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Amanda said...

I'm so glad you had a good time with your friend. I love friends like that! We missed you around here of course, but it's always so good to get away for awhile. Glad to see that all your boys survived!

Leslye said...

Glad you found my blog through Heather! Your blog is so cute! I will add it to my blog list. Your boys are so big! Looks like you have a great time with them!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad that you got to reconnect with your friend. God gives us friends like that they are such a blessing.

Lauren said...

Loved seeing the pics of you and Lori!!! How precious is her little girl's room!!! Love what y'all did! I am DYING to see Mama Mia!!

Becky said...

Loved reading about your adventures in McKinney! Such fun times with friends, what a blessing for you!

And hey, you should add furniture re-finishing to your growing resume of specialities :) CUTE!!!!

GPaty said...

YEA FOR LORI!!!!! And who knew that we would BOTH have daughters someday with the name Madeline/Madelyn? (Claire's first name is Madeline, remember...but she couldn't be "Maddy Patty"...ha) I am so happy that you got to go spend some awesome girl time, but jealous nonetheless because it made me miss my roomies so much! PLEASE let me know when baby Madelyn gets here....:)

Rachel said...

i love seeing y'all sweet smiling faces! we all need to get our families together sometime soon!
and the nursery furniture looks awesome - you've always been so creative!!