Friday, August 22, 2008

Life as we know it...

...will never be quite the same. This week was our "last week" of normal...whatever that is. We are embarking on a lifestyle change, albeit a small one, it is still change. And this week we hit the road running in preparation.
Monday morning Jonathan had his 18-month check-up. He really did quite well, only crying for the second shot! He weighed in at 31 pounds and was 35.5 inches long! Still a big kid, huh? After that, we headed to the last summer playgroup in Belton and had a fun time with our friends.
I also had my new teacher meeting at preschool yesterday, which was fun....a little overwhelming...but fun. It was an adjustment for the alarm to go off at six and have to hit the floor running. It also happened to be a Camp Hope day, so my parents were kind enough to meet me over here at the crack of dawn to watch Benjamin for a while and then take him to his therapy appointments. Jonathan and I had a great morning in Belton at the meeting (he actually played in the nursery) and then headed to Rebecca's for lunch and chit-chat. On the way home, it POURED and I almost had to pull over it got so heavy! It has pretty much poured every afternoon this week-- yippee for the rain.
I tend to have an embarrassing moment about once a week and this week was no exception. On Wednesday, we headed to the library to turn in/check-out books. On my way out the door, Jonathan's stroller wheel (it is actually a set of two wheels connected) comes flying off ahead of us several yards and spins out of control. I caused a traffic jam by stopping so abruptly and several seemed a little annoyed at my mishap...but, seriously, what could I do? As I made the stroller sort of tripod itself, I went chasing down my wheels. All the while, Benjamin is laughing so hard at me (thanks a bunch, kid). Most of our library books came tumbling out the back basket of the stoller and I was just thankful Jonathan stayed in the seat safely! Thankfully, a kind man came over and helped me pop the wheel into place and we were on our way. (And, Beth, believe it or not, this was a different stroller than when this happened to us at the splash park!) So, I have ordered a new light weight stroller which should arrive next week! I don't need a stroller that much longer with Jonathan, but there are times when I do really need it, so I want something to get me through the next year or so of stroller trips! The library visit did result in one great find for Benjamin:
I will have to mention my embarrassing moment from a couple of weeks ago in the HEB parking lot. The HEB in Harker Heights sits on a steep hill and the parking lot seems to be on a 45 degree incline! After getting my groceries, I put the boys in the car to turn around and see my very full buggy travelling at a high speed of like 20 mph headed toward Hwy 190! Holy smokes did I run fast that day! I was rather proud to have caught my basket by the time it reached the gas pump area-- and I did it in flip flops, friends! When I turned around to head back up the hill to the car, the parking lot people had all seemed to stop and stare at me. One guy clapped for me! Embarrassing and entertaining all at once-- that's me!
This week we have also continued our morning walks on the mornings we've been around! With 90% humidity, it's been interesting. But, I am really enjoying getting to know my neighbor, Amanda. It has also been great to get in a little work opposed to my usual one of vigorously dusting the treadmill once a week.
So, next week I start going to teacher inservice for the majority of the week. We have Meet the Teacher on Thursday, then away we go! I am so excited for the boys to start preschool. I met both of their teachers yesterday and they seemed great! Both have pretty extensive teaching backgrounds, so I did feel a bit like a fish out of water. I can't wait to meet my class next week and get my room in order. The busy bees are ready to buzz!
David starts "real school" on Monday, as in, with students. We haven't seen much of him this week with all of the meetings and preparation that goes into it all. It will be great a month from now to all be in our new schedule and to find our new "normal".
We hope everyone else has a FABULOUS school year!

Fistbumps and farewell to the summer,
The Dominguez Family


The Best Family said...

the mental picture of you charging thru the heb parking lot in your flip flops chasing after a full buggie of groceries made me laugh so hard!! I have been there!
And you are going to do great as a PS teacher. Many times, "new-comers" are so refreshing to have on our staff. They bring a new excitement and lots of fun ideas to some of those to whom this teaching thing is 'old hat'. You are so creative... the kids in your class will be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Now that is real brotherly love with the 2 guys thumbing it up.

Love ya,
Grandma Pawlik

Rebecca said...

I impressed at your speed in flip flops. Don't you love embarrassing moments? I'm excited about preschool too. Thanks for coming over, it was fun!

Amanda said...

Thanks for giving me a big laugh! I sure needed it. Running through the parking lot chasing a grocery cart sounds exactly like something I would do!!! Good luck with school starting. The kiddos in your class are so lucky - you are going to be a fabulous teacher!

Hollye said...

I hope all of you have a great day tomorrow!

Alisha Stewart said...

You are one busy girl:)