Thursday, September 11, 2008

All I ever (or never?) needed to know...

...I learned the past two weeks. Pardon my blog absence while I continue (struggle) to get it together and learn what I am doing. The two days a week I am at preschool are tiring and after the boys are in bed, I pretty much crash. Monday and Wednesday have turned into all-day prep-a-thons getting ready for preschool (something that will change!). And Friday is catch-up city. But there are a few things that I have been enlightened with that I know you are just on the edge of your seat waiting to know...

- A house stays a lot cleaner when lived in two days less a week. A car, on the other hand, can turn into a junk-mobile in a matter of moments with back packs, cereal baggies, lunch containers and teaching supplies. Seriously, I cringe when I open either of the back doors. This was especially true on Tuesday when the morning's milk sippie inadvertently rolled under the seat and was not found until Wednesday evening before leaving for church. That solidified masterpiece went straight to the dumpster. Gag.

- My "Susie-Homemaker" meal plan this week consisted of Big Red Drive-In, McAllister's Deli and an Archer Farms boxed meal that was surprisingly tasty and ready in less than thirty minutes. I did manage to throw together spaghetti one night but it turned into a disappointing stomach-ache. Apparently, I have forgotten how to cook.

- A neglected walking routine is painfully difficult to get back into. Even with a neighbor who is beating down the door with "encouragement" at 7:30 am.

- Play Doh can turn grey.

- My kids really rock Ring around the Rosie from the back seat. Eight times this afternoon alone.

- I am about to be a mother to a four-year-old.

- It is OKAY that I am not "over-doing it" for a birthday party. Eight friends, cupcakes and pizza at Wazoo's will put an enormous smile on his face. He won't care if there isn't an all-out, themed, five-hour cake making extravaganza. He also won't care that I still haven't sent out all of the invitations. Nor will he mind not having a "mommy's reliving her event-planning days" party where he is the center of everyone's attention for three hours. He would rather blend in at an inflatable place going 90 mph down an air-castle slide than having everyone stare at him. That's him. And that is what the day is all about.

- There is not enough Purell in the world for my new career. There are also not enough Clorox Wipes in the bulk-sized container to get through two weeks of wiping down tables, toys and nap mats. Over and over.

- The stomach bug is already going around and I am sort of okay with it. Sort of.

- A class of ten three-year-olds can use four rolls of toilet paper a day.

- I can survive on half a granola bar and a string cheese stick until 6:30 in the evening. Maybe now I'll get skinny. Or can at least hope.

And to collapse. Isn't that how I ended my last post?


GPaty said...

You are precious...STOP killing yourself on Mondays and Wednesdays! I told you that you CAN'T do that! I did get a huge kick out of this post. Great observations....true....all of them.

Rebecca said...

Amen on the car thing! Mine is awful and it happens so fast. Don't worry it will get better. I know everyone has told you that, but it really will.

Shellie said...

I can't believe Benjamin is going to be 4!! I'll make sure I give Syndi some hand santizer to stick in your stocking. At least they can't get a hold of the toilet brush! I bet those kids are loving their Ms. Kristi!

Amanda said...

You crack me up Kristi! I did have to laugh out loud at the stomach bug thing. I know you'll never be okay with that!

Jennifer said...

This post cracked me up to no end! Ah the joys of preschool! Hang in there. I'm sure things will get easier before too long!