Friday, September 05, 2008

Where Did The Week Go?

Whew. What a fun and crazy few days it has been. The boys and I LOVE preschool, I can't say that enough. While this week was exhausting and overwhelming at times, it also proved incredibly rewarding. The entire reason we dove into this preschool adventure was for Benjamin. And then I decided to jump on board, too. And of course, with me comes Jonathan.
Benjamin is so excited to be a preschooler. He seems to be enjoying every aspect of it. I ask him what he has done in his class and he talks about their centers and their sand table and painting pictures. He tells me every day that they took a nap. I truly believe that he must have slept because he is such a chatter box the whole way home instead of nodding off like his brother. He wants to know what I have packed him for lunch before we even get in the car in the morning. And I do think I may have to cut back on my lunch-making extravaganza-- it is taking a little too long and David has poked fun at my heart-shaped sandwiches and banana notes (thanks for the idea, Ginger-- I will keep up that fun one up). He even has a new little friend, Miss Shelby who sent him home a note in his back pack yesterday. Shelby's mom put it in Benjamin's bag and told their teacher that Benjamin was all Shelby could talk about after her first day of preschool. I thought that was pretty sweet.
Jonathan seems to be enjoying "toddler world" also. His teacher, Miss Kristi (how funny), is super sweet and really seems to be enjoying him. It has been a bit of an adjustment week for him, though. He only naps once for 45 minutes (on his own doing) and then is pretty exhausted, out of sorts and a bit grumpy by the end of the day! On top of that, he cut two molars this week. It was all a bit much for him, but we hung in there and I am sure he will be Mr. Happy next week.
My class has been great. They love the idea that we are "Busy Bees" and they already have the "Days of the Week" song down pat (it is the one sung to the tune of The Addams Family...that may get old, quick!) We had a great first week together.
Benjamin also started receiving the therapy from the school district this week. Miss Robin comes right to our door twice a week to work with Benjamin on fine and gross motor skills. Today she told me that she was quite sure he did not need any speech therapy after they carried on quite the conversation about this, that and everything in between. The therapy is very similar to what we are already receiving at Camp Hope, now on Mondays. We may need to mull it all over because it makes for an extremely packed week, especially considering Camp Hope is a one-hour drive to Waco, one way.
Today we also went and played with our pals in Belton at our church's playgroup. We kicked off the theme of this fall's playgroup: the colors. Today was "Rainbow Day" and I am still kicking myself that the only photo I took was the one of the sign on the door. Hello, all the kids were dressed in the colors of the rainbow... and I totally forgot to take any pics! Maybe next time.
And last, but certainly not least...David has had a wonderful first two weeks of school. Everything has gone very smoothly and he really is back in the groove of the school year!
And after a full week of fun....I am off to collapse.

You know your mama loves you when she cuts your sandwich into a heart.

Our first official "note".

Working with Miss Robin.


Leslye said...

So glad that you all had a great first week of school! I think it is great that you make your kids heart sandwiches. When kids in my class come with heart sandwiches I always think how I hope to be a mom that make heart sandwiches someday! I also sing the Adams family days of the week song with my classes. It definately gets in your head! Sometimes I sing it and do not even realize it. Enjoy a restful weekend!

Lori said...

I have also been writing notes on Jackson's banana! That Ginger is a genious! I am so glad that you and the boys had a great first week!

GPaty said...

Yall are cracking me up with the enthusiasm about the bananas! But I do have to say, Kristi, that I cut my babies' sandwiches into dinosaurs, so you just tell David to go watch baseball and leave you to your mommy-isms! :) As long as you do it the night before, who cares how long it takes, right? I'm so glad you are loving this new chapter of your's great to hear about it. Blessings to you, sweet friend, for another great week!

Alisha Stewart said...

I was wishing that I had taken some pics of our cute kids as well. This is going to be such fun.
Quick question: Are the Pecos grandparents from Abilene by chance? His dad looks like a guy I used to work with at the ACU bookstore.

Laney said...

I can't wait for pictures from all your other color play dates!