Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Fun Day

Although his actual birthday party isn't until Friday night, Benjamin had a great day yesterday ringing in his fourth! He woke up to our little tradition of birthday cake breakfast...something his brother also enjoyed the benefits of! And then we hung around the house for awhile until Grandma & Grandpa Marble Falls (my parents) stopped by to go to lunch with us. Although you may think I had something to do with the decision, the boy wanted to go to Luby's. He loves their Jell-O. And loves the fact that he can pick which color of Jell-O he can have. So we had a fun time over in Temple at Luby's. They even brought out cake and made a little "to do" over him. It is probably rare to get someone so young celebrating their birthday there!
We had an afternoon at home, properly "breaking in" his new Leapster Grandma & Grandpa brought him. And after Daddy arrived, there was pizza, more cake and a few more gifts, too.
It was definitely a Leap Frog kind of year for Benjamin...between the Leapster from my parents, the Wordwhammer from Grandma & Grandpa Pecos and the Tag system from Great Grandma & Grandpa Dominguez...the boy is ready to read! He was super excited about all of it! He was also excited to get some money to add to his savings from Aunt Helen and Uncle Dan and Aunt Syndi and their kiddos...thanks you guys! He loves to go to the bank and watch the little container shoot into the roof and come out "at the lady in the window". He likes it even more when it is returned to our car with a sucker.
A few pics from yesterday and with his class today at preschool (I sent cookies that they celebrated with...not in the shape of 4 as originally planned! Long story.)
Can't wait to party with you even more on Friday, kiddo!


Arly said...

So this "breakfast" that you all do... Is it actually CAKE for breakfast? Because if so, I really want to live with you.

Kristi said...

Oh yes...breakfast consists of a big piece of cake and a tall cup of milk. How often can you "legally" eat cake for breakfast except on your birthday? I know it is totally not healthy...but it only happens on your special day!

Amy said...

He looks so happy!

kotitemp said...

How cute! We do birthday cake for breakfast too! What else would you have?!? Hope the party goes great, I wish we could be there!

Becky said...

Happy Big NUMERO 4, little man! Cade's countin' down till Friday's big fiesta :) See you soon!!!

Lori said...

We are definitely going to begin "birthday cake for breakfast" traditions...for everyone! That means 4 times a year I can indulge in some cake to start out my day...YUMMO! So glad Benjamin is having a great birthday week!