Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving by the Numbers

1 The number of fires we put out in the kitchen. I don't mean this in the figurative sense, either. Seriously, flames.

The number of birds we dove into.

4 Pints of half & half.

5 The number of times my dishwasher ran Thursday.

6 The number of folds each napkin had. This was why I was up until 2 am the night before. Kind of pointless, I know.

9 The number of deer carcuses that previously rode home in the cooler we stored the ice in for the drinks. I was informed of this on Thursday after pouring three bags of ice into this very cooler. Gag. I may not have needed to know this after all, Dale.

10 Pounds of potatoes...peeled, boiled and prepared.

14 The number of entrees and sides we served.

160 The number of miles from Dale's doorstep to ours...he clocked it this time.

200 The approximate number of shoppers ahead of David in line at HEB Plus! at 4:30 am Friday morning. He got the last 16" bike. You, go, Daddy!

Day-before pie making

The Set Up

Master Carver

Beverage Central

The Spread

Uncle Dale helping to fill Benjamin's plate.
I love this little look on B's face...he really does love Uncle Dale.

The Plate Fill...Cousin Andrea, Cousin Kayla and Uncle Bud.

Benjamin and his cousin Keaton, whom he adores.

Cousin Austin, Aunt Cherie and Cousin Kayla

The Dessert Spread

The reason there aren't any "real" pictures of Jonathan: it's hard to shoot a moving target.

The After-Math on Friday Morning


Amanda said...

Wow - looks like it was wonderful! I've been wondering how your first year of hosting went. I do want to hear about that fire, though!

Kristi said...

The marshmallows on the top of my mom's sweet potatoes totally went up in flames when she forgot about them under the broiler! We had "blackened" sweet potato casserole...actually they were so bad that the entire topping had to be removed and not too many people dug into them! : ) Hope you guys had a great time in DFW!

Rachel said...

i am very impressed with you - i know you said your were the host this year!! awesome!! and what beautiful pictures of your family together! Happy Thanksgiving!

Elliottisms said...

Ditto on my end! We had Char-boiled Marshmallows on our sweet potato casserole. But I guess I can say that I am from Maine! We are not Sweet Potato kind of people. But I can say that I have acquired a taste for them!

Lori said...

Sounds like you had a day full of excitement and yummy food! I love your family picture and Christmasy blog design!

Amanda said...

LOVE the new blog design and the family photo. Great job Kristi and Melissa!!!

J Stolle said...

Hello dear cousins, thank you for sharing your Thanksgiving with everyone. It all looks very yummy. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Bud, Dale and the kids, it has been too many years.

In fact the year was 1977 when Dale and your Dad helped Aunt Margaret move to Kansas, wow!!

Your tables were set so prettily and the food looks delish!!
Love and hugs, Janice

Rebecca said...

It looks like everything went really well!! Happy Thanksgiving :)