Sunday, May 31, 2009

Amen to Summer!

September 2008
The First Day of Preschool:

May 2009
The Last Day of Preschool:

Ha. Not only have the boys grown, but so has my fern!

We. Are. Done.
I can hardly believe it. As I mentioned back in August, our lives drastically changed this past school year. We went from having a very relaxed, do-as-we-please schedule to two days a week in preschool (me too) and the other three filled with therapy appointments (one day of which was 70 miles down the road in Waco). And throw in the new business venture and you've got the madness we referred to as 2008-2009.
But now, we can breathe again. In September, the boys will be attending the same preschool at our church twice a week, but I get to come home (or do whatever)! And our therapy schedule for Benjamin is changing for the better in two ways. The first is that Camp Hope opens its Temple location in June (cutting that commute in half) and his KISD therapy will now just be once a week and across the street at the elementary school. Goodbye, stressful schedule! Hello, happy mama.

It's funny though...I cried as I told each one of those kiddos in my class good-bye. I never knew how the teaching thing would have such an impact on me. The idea of me teaching stemmed from the guilt of putting Benjamin in preschool all the way in Belton; I stressed over driving there and back and there and back two more days a week. So, the solution was for me to stay and teach. A great idea at first, but then our therapy schedule was more than we ever imagined and I lost my mind in December and opened up the biz. An idea I seriously don't regret...although my timing was a little off!

But now....ahhhhhh! I don't even know what to do with myself. After this week, though, summer "preschool" will start once a week and gymnastics will get into full swing. We are a little bummed to have to forego an actual vacation in lieu of a major job transition, but that's okay. We hope to at least be able to take some time and head out to see family and friends not in our area. And I have promised the boys Sea World at some point in time.

I am hoping to reinstate Family Fun Fridays again, too. Although, I am not sure how many David will be able to get away for. But, I still want to be sure to do it. I already have a growing list in my head of places to go for that.

The Ellison transition has been hopping lately. We have quickly learned what banquet season at a high school is. We have been invited to some wonderful events and been able to meet so many people. The boys also have a sweet new babysitter, Tawny. She is one of the Ellison Emeralds (their AWESOME drill team) and is precious. She was also quite familiar with the movie, Cars, so she naturally fit in with our bunch.

All this to say....WELCOME, SUMMER!! We have been waiting for you.


David Dominguez said...

Wow! Those two pictures are awesome! What a year it was!

Rebecca said...

I wish I had taken pictures like that of Kylee, what a great idea :)

I'm glad that you found a good sitter, those are hard to come by.

I'm so glad that your schedule is slowing down, I know how much you were looking forward to that. We will miss you at preschool, but at least I get to see you when you drop off and pick up!

Shannon said...

That is crazy how much your boys grew in just 8ish months!!

Here's to a relaxing and FUN summer!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, those two little guys have grown so much! So cute! Glad things will be better (in a different way) for you now. We, too, have thought about Sea World sometime later this year. Abriella would love it!

Syndi said...

Jonathan's baby face sure changed in those pictures. I'm so happy for you with David's new job and your business going so well! I hope we get to see you all this summer. Sea World sounds like fun! I think I have too many places to visit and Daniel just doesn't have enough vacation time!

Joey said...

Amen to the summer! I agree!

Hope you have a great summer!

Amanda said...

Wow - I can't get over how much Jonathan changed this year! YAY for summer!!!

Melissa said...

Good for you for taking pictures on the first/last day of school. They have really grown up!

One of the nicest things about high school is access to good babysitters. One of my former athletes was so good that I was tempted to ask her to postpone college in order to be my full-time nanny!

Can't wait to hang out this summer!

kotitemp said...

I can't believe how much they've grown in just one year!! They are precious! I'm happy for your less stressful schedule now! Congrats!