Friday, June 05, 2009


Woohooooo! What a fun first week off we had. While David is still working like crazy, we felt a little guilty on our care-free start of the summer. (Poor guy even has to work all day tomorrow).
Early in the week, we made Rice Krispie treats, with Jonathan joining us in the kitchen for his first time as a chef.

Benjamin showing his brother the ropes.

Jonathan was sooo helpful.
Measuring out the marshmallows.

We also set up the El Rancho Dominguez Waterpark, consisting of a sprinkler, the little blue pool and the engineering of the four-year-old's imagination of pulling the slide into the mix. It's the cheapest entertainment in town and they love it!

Wednesday, we headed over to Marble Falls to see some great family friends that we hadn't seen since Benjamin was a baby. Mr. and Mrs. Lutz have been friends with my parents since my brothers were little (keep in mind two of my brothers are now 50+). They, like my family, have that sort of 2-generation set up...with four older kiddos and then Stephen & Kim who were closer in age to me. I actually hadn't seen Kim since her wedding 8 years ago! She made the trip up from San Antonio with her mom and dad and her adorable twins, Alex and Emma, who are turning four at the beginning of next month.
We had a great time catching up over lunch and the kids had a fun time together as well. We're hoping it's not another 8 years before we get to hang out again!

Kim and me

Mr. and Mrs. Lutz along with my parents.

The kiddos: Benjamin, Alex, Emma & Jonathan

Alex & Benjamin

Emma with her grandma

Wednesday night we got a call from some of our favorite people...the Hootens! They asked if we could meet up Thursday night since they would be in Austin for the state track meet for one of our favorite Mules, Sterling. Of course we could!
The boys were so excited last night when we met up with not only Gary & Hollye but their daughter, Amy and precious Abbye, their granddaughter who we hadn't met yet! What a fun time! We headed to Pappadeaux for some yummy supper and back to their hotel for a little visit. The boys sacked out on the way home and slept in until 8:30 this morning-- yeehaw! We can't wait until next month when we get to see the Hootens again! 

Gary, Hollye, Abbye, Jonathan & Benjamin

Benjamin, Abbye and Jonathan
(I love how Abbye just wanted to stick her finger in Jonathan's ear!)


It was great to have a nice, carefree week before the craziness starts next week with "scheduled" activities. Happy June!

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Amy said...

We had so much fun getting to see you all. Abbye crashed too after trying to keep up with the boys. She had so much fun with them. We will have to come to Muleshoe when you are there next month. I am glad ya'll could drive over.