Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two posts in one day. We're getting a little WILD over here.

The exact same thing happened to us last year when we decided to bowl for Family Fun just wasn't all that FUN. The kiddos are still too young. Benjamin enjoyed it a little more than last year. But, I for one was too worried about the two year old putting his hands in the ball return that I barely bowled a round. Is that what it's called...a round? Sheesh...I am no bowler by any stretch. 
David loves bowling, so I think these Family Fun Day Flops must be pretty disappointing to him. 
We did enjoy a yummy lunch over at Chipotle before our bowling. That was the best part of the day! 
We're looking forward to next weeks' Family Fun Friday when we will be in Hobbs, NM for our nephew, Eli's fifth birthday! 

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