Friday, June 13, 2008

Is it Friday already? Wow, this week flew by for us. We had a great Family Funday, especially since Daddy is now off on Fridays through the end of July!
Here's a little movie quote that will let you know exactly what we did early this afternoon:
"Tonight, tonight we bowl." Any guesses as to where its from?

We made a trip on over to the Killeen Bowlerama. We also realized our kiddos are probably a little too young (and perhaps disinterested to bowl, yet). But it was a fun little outing. And Benjamin only managed to smush his finger once on the ball return.
I'll keep it short since I've got a bunch of chores to do. Here's a few pics from our day (or hour? We didn't even make it through a whole game. Sad, I know.)

"So, Daddy, do you think my ball will ever make it to the end?"

Jonathan entertained himself with the hand dryer thingy. I was so nervous watching his fingers, somehow he managed to make it out of the Bowlerama unscathed. Benjamin had a slight smushing incident, nothing too major. Only two tears.

This ramp thing was the key to Benjamin's bowling success.

We ended the event with Sonic drinks. Jonathan even got his very own water (how exciting, huh?). We weren't even a mile down the road before he managed to puncture a hole in the bottom of the cup and was soaked. This is why we ordered him water.
I will say that this whole experience let me know that I am a fabulous bowler. Or maybe it was those bumpers...

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Becky said...

ohhh, how fun...steve and i loved going bowling when we were dating, haven't been brave enough to take the kiddos KUDOS to you two for braving it!!! Now, I'm craving my fave drink a sonic cherry limeade...looks like we'll be rolling by there on our way home from Dallas this afternoon! Have fun on your vacay!!! Signing off from DFW :)