Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Saving Summer Carnival

Attention fellow bloggers: please play along! This was super fun to map out our summer should too!
A fellow ACU Mommy Blogger, Lynley, over at Casa de Phillips has challenged us all to save activity at at time! I noticed Jordan did this on her blog, too, so I thought it sounded like fun to play along. I am a few days late for the day this was hosted, but's summer time!
Plus, I love having "a plan." It makes it easier for me not to slack off when the dog days of August roll around. I also found a couple of great ideas from other carnival participants, including finding a new park each week to play at. (side note: I also went ahead and purchased the book that she listed on her site about the Fruits of the Spirit; I know it will be a good one because we have the "companion" book, Jesus and the Twelve Dudes Who Did. Good purchases if you're interested. We have loved the Jesus book ever since the Alaniz family gave it to us!)
Our summer time plans are probably quite identical to other families with toddlers out there. We have regular play groups each week with our church friends. At the end of the month, we are looking forward to David's parents coming for a visit. In July, Benjamin will have swimming lessons with Jennifer and a few other pals from our church. Also in July, I have had plans for quite sometime with (my very pregnant friend) Lori to head to McKinney for a long, long weekend of relaxation and kicking back at the pool with massages and major shopping. Ha ha, just kidding Lori. We are painting the nursery for her little bundle of joy! Which to me is the equivalent of pool fun. I know, I am such a nerd.
What I am really excited about is that we are leaving for our vacation in 3 days! Woohoo. We are heading down to Corpus Christi for 6 fun days of sun, fun and chasing Jonathan. Yes, I said Corpus Christi, not Galveston, as we had originally planned. This was a last minute change due to the fact that Galveston's forecast was looking a little sloshy for a week at the beach. But we are excited about our little family getaway!
To play along with the Saving Summer Carnival I put together one of my silly little poems (it's been a while, don't laugh at my sad little attempt) to really capture the spirit of our summer schedule:

Summertime is here, dear friends
On this we all agree
I ‘ve put together some big-time plans,
To keep two little boys happy.

Mondays are our “catch-up “ day
To get our week off to a good start
The hampers are full and the fridge is empty,
Chances are you’ll find us at Walmart.

But Mondays are also for our buds,
Because playgroup we hate to miss out.
So in the morning, we’ll make some time
To get over to Belton, ain’t no doubt!

Tuesdays we plan to make a big splash
Over at our neighborhood pool
Because we certainly live in Texas,
And in summer it takes water to stay cool!

Wednesday we’ll go exploring
To a new park each and every time!
Killeen has some really fun spots, ya know,
And it won’t cost this Mom a dime.

Thursday is for around the house,
Chores and such we’ll get done.
While Jonathan snoozes each afternoon,
His brother will be baking up some fun!

Friday is of course our Family Time,
Since Daddy is home to play...
From picnics to movies to the lake,
We’ll always make it a special day!

And there you have it, all summed up.
Our summertime at a glance!
Now head on over to Casa de Philips
And give your Summer a chance!

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Phillips Family said...

Thanks for participating! Sounds like you have some great summer plans!

By the way, I am totally impressed with the poem!