Friday, June 27, 2008

For some reason (and I can't quite put my finger on why) but we are all pretty wiped out by a busy week. So, we decided to stay close to home for Family Funday and go to Wazoo's, which is right around the corner from us. This is one of those huge buildings with about a dozen inflatables for kids to play on and run around.
This was Daddy's first time with us at one of these type of places and he even took a few turns sliding and bouncing! Jonathan had a blast and held his own among the big kiddos. We ended up not even taking him into the little toddler play zone because he was so into the bounce houses and all that those entailed.
Benjamin amazes me at places like this. This is one of the rare places that he physically can master. I don't know what it is about it, but his confidence is high and he just gets in there and does his thing. He'll climb the biggest of slides and scale the largest of the inflatable "rock-wall" type things without blinking an eye. It is quite interesting to watch him. It is like he is totally in his element. Even when other three and four year olds will cry at the thought of climbing the big slide at Wazoo's, Benjamin just goes for it and does great. For some reason, it also doesn't bother him that the place is so crowded, whereas in other crowded kiddo settings (like a McDonald's play area or a park), he'll sort of shy away from the craziness. Today was particularly hoppin' at Wazoo's since a local day care had brought every child in the facility to play. At first, I thought, let's not try this today, what chaos. But Benjamin really wanted to be in and a part of it all. I was so incredibly proud of him.
All in all, a super fun day. The boys are completely tuckered out and snoozing away!

He went around and around the big yellow pillar in the middle of this one!

Daddy getting in on the fun on the Enchanted Forest Bouncer.

Climbing out of an obstacle course.

Daddy and Jonathan tackled a big slide together!
This was the bottom of it; they were too fast for my camera.

Exiting the Pirate Ship bouncer. What a fun time!


Becky said...

WOW, what a fun place Kristi. We will have to check that out sometime. Since your crew liked it so much, maybe we can all go together some time soon...HUGS :)

Amanda said...

That looks like so much fun! We definitely need to go there with you sometime. Maybe we should have playgroup there one time!