Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good Times with Good Friends

It is such a treat to get to see old friends. Okay, not old, but friends who you have known for quite awhile. (Now that I'm in my thirties, that old word has a different conotation.) Our friends Jami and Jason are following their hometown team to the playoffs in Austin and we were able to spend a little time together yesterday. It just feels good to see them. It always does. They are one of those families that we painfully miss from our Abilene time. I remember when they came to visit us in Muleshoe a few years ago. We were sitting next to them at church and hearing their beautiful singing voices really got to me and David. Sweet, sweet people.
It's strange now how, literally, EVERYTHING has changed. David has known the Wests a bit longer than I have, but when we were all in Abilene, none of us had kiddos yet and both Jami and I worked for ACU at the time. Now here we are, five years, four kids and three big moves later. But we picked up just where we left off and had a great time.
Love you guys. (Go, Tigers, Go!)


Britney K said...

Kristi! I haven't even read your blog yet, I was just so excited about hearing from you that I went ahead and commented! I'll catch up on your life and stay connected. So glad to hear from you!

Shellie said...

We saw them at an ACU football game this year. It's so nice to catch up with old friends!!

Jami said...

From one 30 year old to another, thanks for the clarification on the old comment. :-)

We had so much fun eating with you guys and catching up. I wish we lived closer together so our four boys could be more frequent playmates. Oh, well. We'll just have to get together as often as possible.

Thanks for helping us root on the Tigers. We won today so we're going to the state championship final game. We are all very excited!

Love you guys!

Barry Wiseman said...

Haha! You're old, but I'm still older! wait a minute....

Got to hear from you guys! Glen Rose isn't that far away and the boys HAVE to sit in a dinosaur footprint before fall! Holler!

-_Barry and Marsha