Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Are You Ready For Some [Arena] Football?

Monday night we had a fun time with our friends, Steve and Becky and their kiddos, Cade (who is Benjamin's buddy) and Miss Gracyn (adorable!). Our evening was filled with BBQ and a wild game of Arena Football! Becky and I definitely appreciated that Arena Football is a lot faster-moving than regular football, the clock doesn't stop quite as much! It was pretty entertaining to watch, too, especially with a very overly-animated announcer who had us cracking up.
Our county has a team called the Cen-Tex Baracudas that call Belton home.
It was an action-packed evening of fun and trying-to-talk-over-the-hilariously-loud announcer.
Jonathan really enjoyed "boogie-ing down" to all of the crazy music they played. He was a hoot to watch. The boy definitely has rythym and knows when to strut his stuff.
Benjamin and Cade really took it all in, too! Everyone was pretty worn out by half-time, so we headed home to tuck 'em all in.
Fun times with fun friends.
The boys side of the row...taking it all in.


Could she be any cuter?

Benjamin and Cade checking out the beverage line-up.

There really were other people at this game, our tickets were just one of the last rows filled! This is our bunch (I'm behind the camera!).


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Melissa said...

I'm glad y'all had a good time. I've always been curious about the Baracudas. And I love your last post about the banana bread. I will have to do this with Emily and let her "smoosh" bananas for me!

Becky said...

SOOOO FUN!!! On the way home Cade said "Mommy that wuz so fun!" a grand total of 3 TIMES...He also said he liked he bear-wa-cudas
A-WOT!!! Hope I have some good pics too, gotta check them today and jot a post! Thanks again for inviting us, looking forward to more Dominguez/Alaniz nights out on the town :) HUGS!!

Amanda said...

Oh, that looks like fun! Bet the boys had a blast! All the kiddos were so cute!